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Richelle Mead Twitter Chat

Richelle Mead made an impromptu chat with her fans on Twitter, here is what has been said!:



PROMO: Zoey Deutch and Dom Sherwood chat with Just Jared

Zoey Deutch and Dominic Sherwood answered questions with Just Jared, here is a recap:

Richelle Mead chat with Ibooks

Richelle Mead has chatted with fans and Ibooks about the movie, here is a recap:

PROMO: Facebook takeover by the cast



1) And have u guys read the books?

Dominic Sherwood I have read the first one, I’m trying not to get ahead of myself x

2)Hey What is your best memory from the experience on Vampire Academy?

Dominic Sherwood The people i have met and the relationships that i have developed
Zoey Deutch The people i have met and the relationships that i have developed
Lucy Fry Same, all the amazing people. Cast and Crew. It was so fun. And being in England. It was such a treat to be in London
Lucy Fry The poeple for sure and it was such a treat to be in london… amazing place

4) Hey guys! How exciting has this week been? Did it get overwhelming or too daunting at any point!? Can’t wait for the film

Dominic Sherwood Its very exciting and I’m trying not to let it get to me! (as much as possible)

Lucy Fry It is really exciting- there is so much happening that it does feel quite overwhelming but in a way that is full of new ideas and great new experiences . My favorite thing is meeting the fans!

5) Zoey and Lucy, what do you enjoy most about acting?

Zoey Deutch Having the chance to tell stories and make people feel.
6) If you could be any other character from the movie, who would it be?
Zoey Deutch For the first book, Natalie. For the second, I’m not sure…
Lucy Fry Victor! mwaaahhaaahaa

7) What’s your favorite part of the movie? and is there going to be a 2nd one/ whole movie series with the books?

Dominic Sherwood I love the ending

Lucy Fry I love…. the whole thing.

8) What was each of your favorite scenes?

Dominic Sherwood The attic scenes

9) Lucy, I heard you can surf, every take Zoey out surfing? Or will you in the future?

Zoey Deutch Lucy Fry take me surfing!!!

Lucy Fry I will take her!!!

10) Zoey, Lucy, and Dom – Do you read Fangirlish? They are your biggest fans and can’t wait to see you on Monday!!

Dominic Sherwood We can’t wait to see you too

11) Do you think the movie will do the book justice?

Dominic Sherwood Absolutely

Zoey Deutch Absolutely

12) Who was the biggest goofball on set?
Dominic Sherwood I think me and lucy..maybe, we are pretty clumsy
Zoey Deutch Hmm… I’d say it would be either Danila or I! Apparently we are all goofballs according to us?
Lucy Fry I think Dom won the falling over competition… he gets the clumsy award!

13) How did you guys prepare for the roles? Had you read the books before you auditioned?

Dominic Sherwood I used a lot of my audition process to mould christian. ^ auditions with Mark, i got a lot from them

Lucy Fry I spent ages preparing for the role… drawing Lissa, reading the books, learning the accent… becoming a ‘princess’

14) Is there going to be movies for all six books??

Zoey Deutch We hope! If everyone sees the film and it does well!!

15) To Zoey: what was your favorite line from the script?

Zoey Deutch I couldn’t possibly choose. It’s an extremely quotable film.

16) Was it fun making the movie

Dominic Sherwood Such fun. We were all really lucky to have such a great cast and crew

Zoey Deutch It was wildly fun and challenging in ways I had never expected. But at the end of the day it is a job, and we all wanted a great product, so we worked very hard.

17) What actor would you guys like to work with if there is a sequal?

Dominic Sherwood All the same guys

18) Is this gonna be a comedy? So far it doesn’t seem as suspenseful or intense as the books. Will there be multiple movies?

Zoey Deutch It is difficult to categorize it into one genre. It is a thriller, drama, comedy, all of the above. The humor is embedded into the film so well.

19) Is there another character that you wish you could play after reading the books?

Dominic Sherwood either Dimitri or Alberta

20) What was the funniest or most memorable moment when filming?

Dominic Sherwood I was always falling over when around lucy, that still happens to this day

21) What was the hardest part about filming this movie?

Dominic Sherwood The middle….(you will know when you see it)

22) Is your movie staying real to the book?

Dominic Sherwood As much as we can, its pretty close yeh

Lucy Fry yes it is, but be prepared to enjoy the book in a new life as a film!

23) Was it hard to embody your characters at first?

Dominic Sherwood yes, as it is with all characters, you have to know everything about them before you try to embody them

Lucy Fry Yes it takes a while to develop them… I did a lot of accent training and physical work to discover how Lissa walks and breathes and feels

24) Zoey and Lucy, what do you enjoy most about acting?

Zoey Deutch Having the chance to tell stories and make people feel.

Lucy Fry: the exploration and discovering things you never imagined!

25) What do you love most about your roles? Also which book was your fav?

Dominic Sherwood Sardonic Smirk, best thing i can say

Lucy Fry Powers!!!!

26) What was the toughest thing that you all had to do to be part of the movie?

Dominic Sherwood Connecting with the loneliness of the character

Lucy Fry Green eye contacts… blurry world!

27) Wanted to thank all of you for helping bring Richelle’s awesomeness to life!!!! Cant wait to see it…. a few dozen times

Zoey Deutch Thank you for being so passionate about this story!

28) TO DOMINIC:i Do you like Christian’s hair color? Was it a big change for you?

Dominic Sherwood My hair is quite light normally, borderline blonde, so ye it was very dark for me

29) What was each of your favorite scenes?

Dominic Sherwood The attic scenes

Lucy Fry The opening scene

30) Just wanted to say congrats on your roles and I can’t wait to see you all on the big screen in a week!

Zoey Deutch Take all yourrrrr friendzzzz!

31) Zoey Deutch Dominic Sherwood r u a vampire in real life

32) Lucy Fry I made it! Finally! Classic

33) how did you guys like working together

Zoey Deutch We all got on very well, it was a joy to get to know everyone.

34) To all three of you, what was the scariest part of the VA audition?

Dominic Sherwood The chemistry read, when i met Lucy Fry and Zoey Deutch for the first time

35) All: Do you think you look like the character was depicted in the book? Do you think you were the best wo(man) for the job?

Dominic Sherwood Thats the best thing about books, everyones idea and image of the characters will be different, so i guess that all up to you

36) what was it like to shoot the movie

Dominic Sherwood Amazing, one of the best things I’ve ever done

37) What was your favorite scene from the movie to film?

Dominic Sherwood The Attic and the ending

38) What’s your favorite quality about your character and who is your favorite character overall?

Dominic Sherwood He is Loyal, i love that about him

39) Why is Zoey always in the middle of you 3?! Lol

Dominic Sherwood not sure, do you want us to change it up?

40) Dominic, is there a particular role that got away? – A role you really wanted, but wasn’t cast in?

Dominic Sherwood I try not to stay disappointed for long, onwards and upwards is my mentality. So no not really

42) To all of you, what attracted to this movie? Have any of you read the book? If not, what’s your favorite part of the movie?

Dominic Sherwood Its fun, thats the best way of me putting it. i love my job because it give me the opportunity to have fun every day, i don’t want to lose that

43) Dominic, how was it kissing Lucy? xD

Dominic Sherwood just kidding, it was lovely
44) What was the most difficult scene to film? You guys look great by the way!
Dominic Sherwood The middle-When you see it you’ll know
Lucy Fry It was probably the torture scene… ouchies
45) It was great meeting y’all in Houston.
So here’s my question: I’m a film production major and I’m focusing on screen writing and directing. My biggest pet peeve with books being made into movies is when they don’t follow the book (example: Twilight). Have any of y’all actually read the book(s)? And if so how close does the movie follow the book and the characters?
Dominic Sherwood The first one stay quite close to the book yeh, there are a few twists and turns to keep you on you’re feet.
46) #VAMovie I was wanting to know if the movie is going to be the first book only or all of the books in one movie?
Dominic Sherwood This movie is just the first book
47) Lucy and dominic how was it filming the love scenes? Was it awkward?(:
Dominic Sherwood Not at all, Lucy Fry Is a truly lovely person, and our friendship stopped it being strange or awkward
48) When you played your character, did any of that character’s traits seep into your own personality?
Dominic Sherwood Not really, i try and keep it all separate, Especially with Christian
49) Is the movie worth it
Zoey Deutch you know it duh
50) After reading the first book did you all just fall in love with your characters?? I did, lol.
Zoey Deutch Absolutely. Plus my character, Rose Hathaway, narrates the book, so in a lot of ways it’s like having her diary. I got to know her very quickly.
51) Who’s the funniest cast member?
Zoey Deutch Danila.
52) How hard is it to portray characters when the characters are already so known and loved? Do you worry about the fans not liking it? (Don’t worry. I couldn’t have asked for a better cast.)
Zoey Deutch It’s vital to honor the fans, but we’ll never make everybody happy. Having any expectation of reactions will just result in us being upset. I think the fact that Richelle really enjoyed the film says a lot.
53) Zoey do you look at the awesome possum list often?
Zoey Deutch you know it awesomepossum
54) If you were a moroi, which elemental power would you like to have?
Zoey Deutch Spirit, of course.
55) will there be lots of blood?
Zoey Deutch just enough
56) Any awkward moments?
Zoey Deutch For me? Always.
57) Dominic sherwood how was it like to play with fire? And did you just get a new facebook?
Dominic Sherwood it was great, and yes, we just got verified
58) Dominic, how old where you when you first got into acting?
Dominic Sherwood Its always what I’ve wanted to do, but i started doing it for a living when i was 19
59) If each of you were picked as tribute for the hunger games, which person on the cast would you pick as your ally and why?
Dominic Sherwood Danila, isn’t it obvious why?
60) Had you heard of/read Vampire Academy before being cast for your roles? Really looking forward to seeing it next week!! Thank you!!
Dominic Sherwood not before the audition but after the first one i started researching
61) To all of you, is there anything you want VA fans to know?
Dominic Sherwood that we appreciate everything you guys have done for us
62) Who is the funniest from the cast?
63) What are some of the best memories from set?
Dominic Sherwood The people, friends for life

Promo: Richelle Mead on Twitter

Richelle Mead has answered a few questions on Twitter, here is a summary:




Zoey Deutch and Lucy Fry Chat on Reddit!

Zoey Deutch and Lucy Fry held a chat on Reddit today. We post the the Q&A below.

The Introduction –
























































Source: Reddit

Zoey Deutch in ContentMode Mag

Zoey Deutch has been interviewed for ContentMode Mag, here is what she says about Vampire Academy:

Zoey Deutch a Ă©tĂ© interviewĂ© pour ContentMode Mag, voici ce qu’elle dit sur Vampire Academy:


In the highly anticipated role as Rose Hathaway in the film adaptation of Richelle Mead’s bestselling novel Vampire Academy, Zoey handles the challenge of playing the beloved character with grace, humour and style- traits she also seems to carry off in her real life.

Dans le rĂ´le très attendu de Rose Hathaway (adaptation du roman de Richelle Mead), Zoey remplit le dĂ©fit de jouer ce personnage avec grâce, humour et style, des traits de caractère qu’elle semble porter dans la vraie vie.

This is a role that carries a lot of responsibilty to a huge throng of fans. Were you nervous in tackling this beloved role? What distinguishes this vampire story from all the others in today’s zeitgeist?

Ce rĂ´le semble porter une lourde responsabilitĂ© pour beaucoup de fans. Aviez-vous peur de vous attaquer Ă  ce rĂ´le? Qu’est-ce qui le diffĂ©rence de tous les autres films de vampires actuels?

I was mostly nervous about the physical demands I knew I would want/ have to tackle in order to embody Rose (hopefully) correctly. I understand that this role carries a lot of responsibility to a huge throng of fans, but that didn’t/doesn’t make me nervous. They’re amazing, passionate and we both share a love of this story and wanting it to be told correctly. I think the movie is hilarious…and that is what sets it apart from all other vampire movies/TV shows.

J’avais peur de ce que ce rĂ´le me demanderait physiquement afin de pouvoir incarner parfaitement (je l’espère) Rose. Je comprends que ce rĂ´le comporte une lourde responsabilitĂ© envers les fans, mais cela ne m’a pas rendue nerveuse. Ils sont merveilleux, passionnĂ©s et on partage le mĂŞme amour pour cette histoire, on veut qu’elle soit correctement racontĂ©e. Je pense que le film est marrant…c’est ce qui le distingue des autres films/sĂ©ries de vampires.

ScreenPart_2014-01-24_19.57.34 ScreenPart_2014-01-24_19.58.34 conten cont

Source: ContentMode Mag

Special feature of VA in ScifiNow

Vampire Academy is featured in SciFiNow (thanks to BloodsistersUK for the scans!)

Vampire Academy est largement présent dans SciFiNow.

1 3 4 2

“I know that they both liked having such a strong, opiniated young heroine to write about, and that Rose wasn’t the type of protagonist you see very often.” “The books mix of humour and seriousness was a big appeal too. They are known for their humorous works, but they don’t actually do straight-up comedy. It’s often juxtaposed with a darker, serious edge, and the VA world had a balance they could work with. It’s just immensely flattering to know what fans they are of the books  and how respectful they are of developing my story.” Richelle Mead

“Je sais qu’ils aiment Ă©crire au sujet d’une hĂ©roine forte et Ă  la personnalitĂ© affirmĂ©e, et Rose n’est pas le genre d’hĂ©roĂŻne que l’on rencontre souvent.” “Les livres mĂ©langent humour et sĂ©rieux, ça les a attirĂ© aussi. Ils sont connus pour leurs travaux marrants, mais ils ne font pas que de la comĂ©die pure. Elle est souvent mĂ©langĂ©e Ă  un cĂ´tĂ© plus sombre et sĂ©rieux et le monde de VA prĂ©sente un Ă©quilibre sur lequel ils pourraient travailler. C’est tellement flatteur de savoir qu’ils sont fans des livres et qu’ils sont autant respectueux en dĂ©veloppant mon histoire.” Richelle Mead

“I wanted to write a strong, fierce heroine but one who was still capable of emotional depth. I think too often when we see “tough girls” in literature or film, there’s this idea put out there that in order to be strong, women can’t have romances or emotional connections. That’s not true, and I think it’s important for young women to know that. Rose is as tough as they come, but still has incredible deep bonds of both love and friendship. They strengthen her rather than weaken her. It was equally important to me to make an imperfect character who could grow throughout the series. She has a lot to learn, and we get to take that journey with her.” Richelle Mead

“Je voulais Ă©crire au sujet d’une hĂ©roine forte et fĂ©roce, mais tout de mĂŞme capable de vivre des Ă©motions profondes. Je pense que souvent, les filles fortes que l’on rencontre en littĂ©rature ou dans les films, ne peuvent pas connaĂ®tre la romance ou les Ă©motions si elles sont fortes. Ce n’est pas vrai, et il est important que les jeunes femmes sachent cela. Rose est aussi forte que possible, mais elle a aussi un lien incroyablement profond d’amour et d’amitiĂ©. Elles la rendent plus forte au lien de l’affaiblir. Il Ă©tait aussi important pour moi de rendre le personnage imparfait afin qu’elle se dĂ©veloppe dans la sĂ©rie. Elle a beaucoup Ă  apprendre, et on fait le voyage avec elle. ” Richelle Mead

“I love that she has such a wicked sense of humour. So many supernatural protagonists are so serious all the time, and while Rose has plenty of those intense moments, she can still turn things around with a witty one-liner when needed.” Richelle Mead

“J’aime le fait qu’elle ait un sens de l’humour aussi piquant. Il y a tellement de personnages surnaturels qui sont tout le temps sĂ©rieux, et mĂŞme si Rose vit plein de moments forts, elle peut changer les choses grâce Ă  une pique bien sentie.” Richelle Mead

“Adolescence certainly makes a powerful backdrop for any story. Emotions are intense and there is so much self-discovery going on at that age as young adults try to figure out who they are and what life’s all about. One thing I try very hard to do in my books is not underestimate that age, be it my characters or my readers. I think a lot of authors make the mistake of “dumbing down” young adult literature. Teens often love and hurt like adults do, and teens can also handle tough issues.” Richelle Mead

“L’adolescence constitue un dĂ©cor puissant pour n’importe quelle histoire. Les Ă©motions sont intenses et il y a une pĂ©riode de dĂ©couverte de soi Ă  cet âge, les jeunes essayent de comprendre qui ils sont et ce qu’est la vie. J’essaie vraiment de ne pas sous-estimer leur âge dans mes livres, que ce soit mes personnages ou mes lecteurs. Je pense que beaucoup d’auteurs font l’erreur d’abrutir la littĂ©rature young adult. Les ados aiment et souffrent comme les adultes, et ils peuvent aussi supporter des moments difficile.” Richelle Mead

“Dimitri has a lot going for him. He’s quiet and mysterious, wich drives a lot of us crazy. We want to know what he’s thinking, and readers have flooded me with requests to rewrite  the series through his point of view, which I’m afraid won’t be happening! He is strong, loyal and intensely fierce when it comes to protecting those in his charge. He’ll walk up against formidable odds without blinking an eye. And despite his stoic exterior, we get to see that he has a passionate heart within and is capable of huge emotion when in love. Add all of that up and it’s no wonder he has so  many fans!” Richelle Mead

“Dimitri a beaucoup de choses de son cĂ´tĂ©”, rĂ©pond Richelle Mead quand on lui demande pourquoi il fait une telle impression sur les lecteurs. “Il est calme et mystĂ©rieux, ce qui les rend fous. On veut savoir ce qu’il pense, et les lecteurs m’ont envoyĂ© pleins de demandes pour que je rĂ©Ă©crive la sĂ©rie de son point de vue, ce qui ne se passera malheureusement pas! Il est fort, loyal et très fĂ©roce quand il doit protĂ©ger ceux qu’il a Ă  sa charge. Il va braver le danger sans cligner de l’œil. Et en dĂ©pit de son extĂ©rieur stoĂŻque, on peut voir qu’il est passionnĂ© et est capable de vivre le plein d’Ă©motions quand il est amoureux. Si on mĂ©lange tout cela, ce n’est pas une surprise qu’il ait autant de fans!” Richelle Mead

“It’s really amazing not just how much they look like the characters, but that they actually have their personalities down as well. Zoey has such energy and sass and totally understands Rose’s sense of humour. When she is in the room, people know it! Danila likewise has that strength and stoicisim that Dimitri has, which cleverly hides a wealth of humour and emotions within. And yet, despite their larger-than-life presences, he and Zoey are both so totally down-to-earth and approachable. You instantly feel comfortable around them.” Richelle Mead

“C’est gĂ©nial de voir non seulement Ă  quel point ils ressemblent Ă  leurs personnages mais aussi Ă  quel point leurs personnalitĂ©s leur ressemblent.” Zoey a une telle Ă©nergie et un tel culot et comprend parfaitement le sens de l’humour de Rose. Quand elle est dans une pièce, les gens le savent! Danila a la force et le stoĂŻcisme de Dimitri, qui cache habilement son humour et ses Ă©motions. Et en dĂ©pit de leurs fortes prĂ©sences, ils sont terre-Ă -terre et accessibles. On se sent tout de suite Ă  l’aise avec eux.” Richelle Mead

“It’s actually surprisingly faithful. I knew when I signed over the movie rights that I’d take the risk that the final product might in no way resemble the book. There are definitely changes, it would be impossible not to have them. But people who have read the books will have no problem recognizing the original material, and I’m especially pleased the same balance of action, romance, humour and drama stayed intact. I was allowed to read the script afterward and offer feedback, but I actually had very little to give!” Richelle Mead

“C’est vraiment fidèle. Je savais en signant les droits du livre que je prenais le risque de ne pas retrouver mon livre dans le produit fini. Il y a es changements, ce serait impossible sinon. Mais les lecteurs n’auront aucunn problème Ă  reconnaĂ®tre le livre, et je suis particulièrement satisfaite qu’ils aient respectĂ© le mĂŞme Ă©quilibre entre l’action, la romance, l’humour et le drame. J’ai pu lire  le scĂ©nario et offrir des conseils mais je n’ai pas eu Ă  en donner beaucoup.” Richelle Mead

“Vampire Academy isn’t about someone discovering this supernatural world, it’s about people born into it, who are used to all these fantastic things and take them for granted. A room full of humans waiting eagerly to give blood to vampires. Normal. Vampires using magic in class? Also normal. Teenagers practising how to stake evil vampires? Still normal. That’s the kind of stuff I love.”

Vampire Academy n’est pas l’histoire de quelqu’un qui dĂ©couvre le monde surnaturel, les gens y sont nĂ©s Ă  l’intĂ©rieur, ils sont habituĂ©s Ă  toutes les choses fantastiques qui se passent autour des nous et les prennent pour acquises. Une pièce pleine d’humains qui attendent de donner leur sang avec impatience? Normal. Des vampires qui utilisent la magie en classe? Normal aussi. Des ados qui s’entraĂ®nent Ă  planter un pieu dans le coeur de mauvais vampires? Encore normal. C’est le genre de choses que j’aime.”

Buy it: Here

Source: SciFiNow | BloodSistersUK

Vampire Academy Cast interviews

Check out this interview of Sarah Hyland, Zoey Deutch and Dominic Sherwood by CleverTV!


Hi, I’m Zoey Deutch, with ClevverTV and you are watching Waht’s up with Vampire Academy.

That’s right, we are talking all about the latest bestselling book turned movie of Richelle Mead, Vampire Academy. We are so excited to see this amazing story come to life. Now, if you are not familiar, this flick is based on the bestselling book series of the same name. It stars Zoey Deutch, Dominic Sherwood and Sarah Hyland. So before we go any further, here is some stuff you guys needs to know. There is actually two different types of vampires.

Yes, we got the good vampires, Moroi who lives peacefully with humans and only take blood from donors. PS: they can also control water, fire, earth and air. And the, we got the Strigoi who are more like the stereotypical vampire you expect to see, youo know, the bloodsucking evil vampires who drink solely to kill.

Anyway, this story follows Rose Hathaway, played by the lovely Zoey Deutch, who is neither a Moroi nor a Strigoi but half vampire, half human. So how does she fits into the story, you may ask?

Rose is another half human half vampire, known as Dhampir guardians who are trained to protect Moroi and kill Strigoi throughout their education. But we can only explain so much. Let’s look the film’s leading lady give you guys the 411.

“I guess you could say Vampire Academy is about two bestfriends that are bonded for life. One, that is full vampire and ranks very high on the foodchain and the, her bestfriend who is half vampire and doesn’t rank so high on the foodchain and the kind of trials and tribulations of high school with the twist they have to fight for their life.” – Zoey Deutch

Oh yes, just a small twist in there. But will the movie make the book justice, that’s what everyone wants to know and with such a big fanbase already following, there is definitely some pressure on film stars to live up to their expectations. Here is what Dominic Sherwood and Zoey have to say.

“It’s kind of daunting, Zoey has the same view, it’s really difficult, we want to keep as true to what the fans already know, what the fans already have read in the book but at the same time, we are trying to keep as fresh as possible so like there is still some surprises, some twists and I think we kept true to like the skeleton of the book.” – Dominic Sherwood

“It’s amazing, they are so supportive and they are so talented, they made these fanart posters for the movie that I think we should use for the film cos they are so good. So they have been so supportive and I’m just waiting for them to turn on me very quickly.”- Sarah Hyland

“Well, there was a test screening a couple days ago and we were receiving tweets from fans of the book series and they all said we stayed really true to it. So if you want proof, Richelle believes it. So I don’t think much has changed. There might be more of a comedic element.” – Zoey Deutch

Could that be because the film director is none other than Mark Waters, the director of the all-time classic flick, Mean Girls?

But of course, you guys, this is not just comedy. There is obviously some romance added to it. We have to give a shoutout to the man candy of this flick (Dominic Sherwood, Danila Kozlovsky, Ashley Charles)

Excited it finally comes to live and see it happening.

It’s action-packed, comedy vampire movie with some romance sprinkled in there.


Bonjour, je suis Zoey Deutch, sur ClevverTV et vous regardez: “Qu’est-ce que Vampire Academy?”

Oui, on parle du dernier livre adaptĂ© en film, Ă©crit par Richelle Mead, Vampire Academy. On a tellement hâte de voir cette histoire merveilleuse prendre vie. Si vous ne connaissez pas, cette histoire est tirĂ©e de la sĂ©rie Ă  succès du mĂŞme nom. Dans le film, il y a Zoey Deutch, Dominic Sherwood et Sarah Hyland. Avant d’aller plus loin, voici ce que vous devez savoir. Il y a deux races de vampires. Oui, les bons vampires appelĂ©s Moroi, qui vivent en paix avec les humains et prennent seulement du sang de donneurs. Ils peuvent aussi contrĂ´ler l’eau, le feu, la terre et l’air. Et puis, il y a les Strigoi qui ressemblent plus au stĂ©rĂ©otype qu’on se fait des vampires, ceux qui boivent le sang et sont mauvais et boivent seulement pour tuer.

Cette histoire suit Rose Hathaway, interprĂ©tĂ©e par la charmante Zoey Deutch, qui n’est ni Moroi ni Strigoi. Elle est mi-vampire, mi-humaine. Quelle est sa place dans l’histoire?

Rose est une autre de ces mi-humain mi-vampire, appelĂ©s Dhampirs, qui s’entraĂ®nent pour protĂ©ger les Moroi et tuer des Strigoi. Mais on ne peut pas trop expliquer, voyons ce que l’hĂ©roĂŻne en dit.

“On peut dire que c’est l’histoire de deux meilleures amies qui sont liĂ©es pour la vie. L’une est une vampire et est très importante, et puis, il y a sa meilleure amie, qui est mi-vampire et n’est pas si importante. On suit les Ă©preuves et les tribulations d’un lycĂ©e avec le petit plus qu’elles doivent se battre pour leur vie.” Zoey Deutch

Oh oui, seulement un petit plus. Mais le film rendra-t-il justice au livre, tout le monde se pose la question et avec dĂ©jĂ  autant de fans, les acteurs ont dĂ©finitivement la pression. Voici ce qu’en disent Dominic Sherwood et Zoey.

“ça fait peur, Zoey pense la mĂŞme chose, c’est difficile, on veut rester fidèle Ă  ce que les fans connaissent, Ă  ce qu’ils ont lu dans les livres, mais on veut en mĂŞme temps, une nouvelle approche. Il y aura dès lors quelques surprises, changements mais je pense qu’on est restĂ© fidèle au squelette de l’histoire.” Dominic Sherwood

“C’est merveilleux, ils nous soutiennent tellement et ils sont tellement talentueux, ils font ces posters pour le film que l’on devrait utiliser car ils sont tellement bien faits. Ils nous soutiennent beaucoup et j’attends juste qu’ils changent d’avis sur moi.” Sarah Hyland

“Il y a eu une projection test il y a quelques jours et on a reçu des tweets de fans de la sĂ©rie et ils ont tous dit qu’on Ă©tait restĂ© fidèles au livre. Une autre preuve? Richelle le croit. Je ne pense pas qu’on ait beaucoup changĂ©. Il y a peut-ĂŞtre un Ă©lĂ©ment de comĂ©die en plus.” Zoey Deutch

Peut-ĂŞtre parce que le rĂ©alisateur n’est personne d’autre que Mark Waters, le directeur du classique, Lolita malgrĂ© moi.

Mais bien sĂ»r, ce n’est pas qu’une comĂ©die, il y a aussi de la romance.

On doit parler des beaux mecs du film (Dominic Sherwood, Danila Kozlovsky, Ashley Charles)
Impatiente d’enfin le voir.

Un film de vampires plein d’action, de comĂ©die, le tout saupoudrĂ© de romance.

Source: ClevverTV

Interview on the soundtrack

Businesswire released an exclusive article on the soundtrack, interviewing Chvrvches who will release an exclusive cover of the song ‘Bela Lugosi’s Dead’ as well as Mark Waters and music  supervisor Howard Paar.

Businesswire a partagĂ© un article sur la BO du film, et a interviewĂ© Chvrvches qui va sortir une reprise exclusive de la chanson ‘Bela Lugosi is dead’, ainsi que Mark Waters le directeur musical, Howard Paar.


CHVRVCHES says, “’Bela Lugosi’s Dead’ is a genre defining classic. It was equal parts thrilling and daunting to attempt a reworking of such an incredible song. We can only hope that we did The Count proud.” Adds Howard Paar, music supervisor, “I think we all felt a big responsibility to capture the spirit of the books with the songs that were chosen. I hope everyone has as much fun listening to the soundtrack as we did making it.”

Chvrvches dĂ©clare que “Bela Lugosi’s dead” est dans le genre classique. Il Ă©tait Ă  la fois palpitant et intimidant d’essayer de retravailler une telle chanson incroyable. On espère avoir rendu le Comte fier.” Le directeur musical, Howard Paar ajoute: “Je pense qu’on s’est tous sentis investi du devoir de capturer l’esprit des livres avec les chansons choisies. j’espère que tout le monde aura autant de plaisir Ă  Ă©couter la BO que nous de l’avoir faite.”

Director Mark Waters explains, “I had happily planned a career as a doctor when I first saw ‘The Hunger’ in the early eighties. I was immediately enraptured by it and its unforgettable use, in the classic opening sequence, of the seminal Bauhaus song, ‘Bela Lugosi’s Dead.’ I saw the movie again the next day and, by the end of the week, I no longer wanted to be a doctor.

Le rĂ©alisateur Mark Waters explique: “J’avais planifiĂ© avec joie mon avenir de docteur quand j’ai vu “The Hunger” pour la première fois au dĂ©but des annĂ©es 80. J’ai tout de suite Ă©tĂ© emportĂ© par ce film et de son emploi inoubliable de la chanson de Bauhaus ‘Bela Lugosi is dead’ dans la scène d’ouverture. J’ai revu le film le lendemain et Ă  la fin de la semaine, je ne voulais plus ĂŞtre docteur.

“If and when my journey as a filmmaker took me down the dark alley of the Vampire genre, I knew I’d want to pay homage to The Hunger, Bauhaus, and ‘Bela Lugosi’s Dead’ in a way that took it all to another level. It was remarkable good luck we could hitch onto the comet that is CHVRCHES. I dare anyone to try walking out on the closing credits when their version of Bela is playing!”

“Si mon parcours de rĂ©alisateur m’emmenait Ă  travers les chemins sombres du genre vampirique, je savais que je voudrais rendre hommage Ă  The Hunger, Bauhaus et ‘Bela Lugosi is dead’ Ă  un autre niveau. C’Ă©tait vraiment pure chance que nous ayons pu nous garantir les services de Chvrvches. Je dĂ©fie quiconque de quitter la salle lors de la chanson de fin, qui est leur version de Bela!”

St. Vladimir’s is like any boarding school — it’s got cute boys, gossip queens, and a strict curfew, but that’s only because when you’re a vampire the sun is annoying.

St Vladimir est comme toutes les autres Ă©coles,  il y a de beaux garçons, des reines de ragots, et un couvre-feu strict mais c’est seulement parce que le soleil est ennuyant quand vous ĂŞtes un vampire.

source: Businesswire

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