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Interview with music supervisor Howard Paar

Music Supervisor on Vampire Academy, Howard Paar talks about the soundtrack:


New on Gush: “The Movie is out”


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Musical Video for Vampire Academy

The official music video for Bela Lugosi is dead (official on the soundtrack) had been released, check it out:

New photos:

Dimitri Belikov Playlist


1) M83: Midnight City

2) Pitbull: Timber

3) Jay Z: Holy Grail

4) Awolnation: Sail

5) Bieber: That power

6) Prince: When doves cry

7) Bon Jovi: Dead or Alive

8) The Civil Wars: Poison and Wine

9) The Buggles: Video killed the radio star

10) Death Cab for Cutie: I will follow you into the dark

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Lissa Dragomir playlist

BfIKdoDCMAEi3GR1) Lorde: Royals

2) One Republic: Counting Stars

3) Avicii: You make me

4) Emeli Sandé: Next to me

5) Swedish House Mafia: Don’t you worry child

6) Katy Perry: Unconditionally

7) Idina Menzel: Let it go

8) Pink: The great escape

9) Mindy Gledhill: Anchor

10) Icona Pop: Girlfriend

Check official site and Spotify playlist: HERE

Vampire Academy soundtrack set for February 4

The Vampire Academy Soundtrack has a release date for February 4:

La BO de Vampire Academy est fixée pour le 4 février:

1525028_607208756019073_1779470497_nThis eclectic soundtrack to the major motion picture VAMPIRE ACADEMY brings together the music from the movie including tracks by Katy Perry, Goldfrapp, Naughty Boy, Iggy Azalea, Sky Ferreira and many more. It’s also the only album to include the unforgettable end credit track, a cover of the Bauhaus song ‘Bella Lugosi is Dead’ by indie darlings CHVRCHES. Other new tracks also included on the album are ‘In Your Grave’ by Jaymes Bullet and ‘Rats’ by Rainy Milo.

Cette BO éclectique de Vampire Academy rassemble la musique du film dont des chansons de Katy Perry, Goldfrapp, Naughty Boy, Iggy Azalea, Sky Ferreira et bien plus encore. C’est aussi le seul album qui contient la fin du film inoubliable, une reprise de la chanson de Bauhaus “Bela Lugosi’s dead” par les indie Chvrches. D’autres chansons de l’album sont “In Your Grave” de Jaymes Bullet et “Rats” de Rainy Milo.


1) Jaymes Bullet: In your Grave

2) Sky Ferreira: Red Lips

3) Max Frost: Nice and slow

4) Goldfrapp: Thea

5) Natalia Kills: Boys don’t cry

6) Iggy Azalea: Bounce

7) Bear in heaven: Sinful Nature

8) Naughty Boy: Think about it

9) Rainy Milo: Rats

10) Katy Perry: Spiritual

11) Au revoir Simone: Crazy

12) Chvrches: Bela Lugosi is dead


13) Goldfrapp: Felt Mountain

You can already pre-order it here (pré-commande): Amazon

or here: Itunes

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Mason Playlist


1) Justin Bieber: Heartbreaker

2) Passenger: Let her go

3) Sean Paul: Other side of love

4) One Direction: Story of my life

5) Flo Rida: How I feel

6) R5: Pass me by

7) Jason Mraz: I won’t give up

8) Neon Trees: Animal

9) Olly Murs: Troublemaker

10) Band of Horses: No one’s gonna love you

Check the Spotify here: VAMovie

Interview on the soundtrack

Businesswire released an exclusive article on the soundtrack, interviewing Chvrvches who will release an exclusive cover of the song ‘Bela Lugosi’s Dead’ as well as Mark Waters and music  supervisor Howard Paar.

Businesswire a partagé un article sur la BO du film, et a interviewé Chvrvches qui va sortir une reprise exclusive de la chanson ‘Bela Lugosi is dead’, ainsi que Mark Waters le directeur musical, Howard Paar.


CHVRVCHES says, “’Bela Lugosi’s Dead’ is a genre defining classic. It was equal parts thrilling and daunting to attempt a reworking of such an incredible song. We can only hope that we did The Count proud.” Adds Howard Paar, music supervisor, “I think we all felt a big responsibility to capture the spirit of the books with the songs that were chosen. I hope everyone has as much fun listening to the soundtrack as we did making it.”

Chvrvches déclare que “Bela Lugosi’s dead” est dans le genre classique. Il était à la fois palpitant et intimidant d’essayer de retravailler une telle chanson incroyable. On espère avoir rendu le Comte fier.” Le directeur musical, Howard Paar ajoute: “Je pense qu’on s’est tous sentis investi du devoir de capturer l’esprit des livres avec les chansons choisies. j’espère que tout le monde aura autant de plaisir à écouter la BO que nous de l’avoir faite.”

Director Mark Waters explains, “I had happily planned a career as a doctor when I first saw ‘The Hunger’ in the early eighties. I was immediately enraptured by it and its unforgettable use, in the classic opening sequence, of the seminal Bauhaus song, ‘Bela Lugosi’s Dead.’ I saw the movie again the next day and, by the end of the week, I no longer wanted to be a doctor.

Le réalisateur Mark Waters explique: “J’avais planifié avec joie mon avenir de docteur quand j’ai vu “The Hunger” pour la première fois au début des années 80. J’ai tout de suite été emporté par ce film et de son emploi inoubliable de la chanson de Bauhaus ‘Bela Lugosi is dead’ dans la scène d’ouverture. J’ai revu le film le lendemain et à la fin de la semaine, je ne voulais plus être docteur.

“If and when my journey as a filmmaker took me down the dark alley of the Vampire genre, I knew I’d want to pay homage to The Hunger, Bauhaus, and ‘Bela Lugosi’s Dead’ in a way that took it all to another level. It was remarkable good luck we could hitch onto the comet that is CHVRCHES. I dare anyone to try walking out on the closing credits when their version of Bela is playing!”

“Si mon parcours de réalisateur m’emmenait à travers les chemins sombres du genre vampirique, je savais que je voudrais rendre hommage à The Hunger, Bauhaus et ‘Bela Lugosi is dead’ à un autre niveau. C’était vraiment pure chance que nous ayons pu nous garantir les services de Chvrvches. Je défie quiconque de quitter la salle lors de la chanson de fin, qui est leur version de Bela!”

St. Vladimir’s is like any boarding school — it’s got cute boys, gossip queens, and a strict curfew, but that’s only because when you’re a vampire the sun is annoying.

St Vladimir est comme toutes les autres écoles,  il y a de beaux garçons, des reines de ragots, et un couvre-feu strict mais c’est seulement parce que le soleil est ennuyant quand vous êtes un vampire.

source: Businesswire

Teaser/Trailer Songs

1) Gin Wigmore: Kill of the night

2) M.I.A: Matangi

3) Charli XCX: You (Ha ha ha)

4) Nico Vega: Beast

5) M.I.A: Bad Girls

Natalie Dashkov Playlist

Natalie Dashkov Playlist


1) Eminem/Rihanna: The Monster

2) Armin Van Buuren: This is what it feels like

3) Imagine Dragons: Demons

4) Demi Lovato: Reallly don’t care

5) Icona Pop: I love it

6) The Pretty Reckless: Make me wanna die

7) Katy Perry: Last Friday Night (TGIF)

8) Digital Daggers: The devil within

9) Fergie: Clumsy

10) Taylor Swift: You belong with me