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Australian PROMO: Lucy Fry for The West Australian

Lucy Fry has been interviewed during the Australian promo tour and talked about the movie and the reviews:

Vampire Family Australian Premiere

“I loved the book myself, so even without thinking about anyone else, I wanted to do it justice”

“I put a lot of pressure on myself to do the best job I could, sometimes I wish I could go back and do it again and not be so hard on myself and kind of relax a bit more.”

“Personally I am not a huge fan of Twilight because somehow I didn’t connect to it as much,” she said.

“But what I loved about Vampire Academy is that Rose and Lissa are very powerful young women. Lissa’s acceptance of her own vulnerability is what makes her strong while Rose is such a hearty brave character.”

“It’s modern, it’s fast, it’s energised and it’s a comedy as well. For me I relate more to this because it’s in some ways more human than Twilight.”

“I try not to read reviews and that kind of thing because I don’t want to know if people hate it,” she laughs. “I love it and I think it’s a really great fun film and whenever I’ve been at a screening or a premiere it gets a lot of laughs and people are really enjoying it and having a lot of fun watching it. So that’s the kind of feedback I want to see.”

Source: The West Australian


Australia PROMO: Zoey Deutch and Lucy Fry for Empire

American PROMO: Interview of Lucy Fry in Spanish

Australian PROMO: Interview of Lucy Fry and Zoey Deutch

Lucy Fry and Zoey Deutch have been interviewed by BigPond in Sydney:

New BTS photo of Lucy Fry and Zoey Deutch on set


Australian PROMO: Zoey Deutch and Lucy Fry talks fame

Lucy Fry and Zoey Deutch talks shooting the movie and fame:


“It’s been very surreal for me,” Lucy Fry

“Really exciting and I feel like only now I’m settling into it and feeling more comfortable with everything. At first, I was just in a constant state of weird shock.” Lucy Fry

Zoey Deutch, who plays Rose, admits she is very similar to her character, although she can’t read Fry’s mind, like Rose can.

Well actually, she can.

“I can’t go into your mind with actual important things, but like stupid things, literal things, like she’s hungry or she wants this to eat, or she needs to go outside, I can tell those things,” Deutch says.

Neither of the two had read the Vampire Academy book – the first in a six-part series – but launched into reading it once they were cast.

However for Deutch, once filming began, there was no time for page-turning anything but the script.

“During the film, I had absolutely no time to even sleep or eat or take a bath,” she says.

Aside from being in most scenes during the shoot, in the lead-up to filming, she underwent three months of gym, krav maga, jujitsu and kickboxing to prepare for her physically demanding part.

“The latter (kickboxing) being my favourite, cause they would put pictures of people I hated on the punching bag and I would do what I had to do to them to get through the session,” she says.

Deutch says without the fans, the film wouldn’t exist. However she didn’t let the pressure of living up to their expectations get to her while filming.

“We’re only human and to put that kind of pressure on yourself is debilitating,” she says.

“(But) it’s awesome to have these fans that will probably be with us for the rest of our career.

“They’re die-hard and passionate and that’s such an amazing thing to get from a project.”

Source: SBS


Brazilian PROMO: New Lissa poster


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Australian PROMO: Zoey Deutch, Lucy Fry and Sarah Hyland for SBS

New interview of Zoey Deutch, Lucy Fry and Sarah Hyland in Australia, with SBS:


“I brought my mother so that she would be the tour guide,” the 19-year-old star of the book-turned-movie says in Sydney.

“My first day here, we walked to the Botanical Gardens and the Opera House and to the museum. We snuck into the State Theatre to see it all. I’m staying an extra two days to see the beach.”

But Deutch has another person she can turn to for sightseeing help.

Her co-star in Vampire Academy is Aussie actress Lucy Fry.

While Fry calls Brisbane home, she did write a list for Deutch and instructed her on the art of eating a Tim Tam.

“I had a Tim Tam this morning,” Deutch says.

“A fan brought it at the signing yesterday and I dipped it in my coffee. It was phenomenal.”

Fry could also give some advice to another co-star, with Sarah Hyland in town to film Modern Family.

Hyland will attend the Vampire Academy premiere in Sydney and Deutch says they’ve been keeping in touch.

Unlike her Modern Family role, Hyland plays a nerdy vampire in the film, based on Richelle Mead’s book series.

She starts hanging out with fellow vampire Lissa (Fry) and her half-human/half vampire guardian-in-training Rose (Deutch) when they return to the academy, which they believe holds more dangers for them than the outside world.

Sarah Hyland:

“I like to do more local things,” she told AAP.

“I did some flea market shopping at Paddy’s Markets and got a boomerang, didgeridoo and coasters.”

Hyland also hasn’t ruled out trying some local cuisine, such as crocodile.

“I’ve eaten alligator before in New Orleans, so maybe (I’ll try crocodile),” she said.

However, the thought of eating kangaroo makes her uncomfortable.

“I don’t think I can eat kangaroo. I don’t think I can pull myself to do it.”

She’s not a fan of Vegemite, either.

“I’ve tried Vegemite before in the States,” she said. “I’m not the biggest fan of it. I think it’s something you have to grow up with.”

Source: SBS | zoey d fans

Australian PROMO: Zoey Deutch and Lucy Fry in Sydney

Zoey Deutch and Lucy Fry took part in a fan event in Sydney, Australia to promote Vampire Academy!

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New Vampire Academy standee


From The Netherlands!