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Sarah Hyland in Nylon Guys Mag

Sarah Hyland has been interviewed by Nylon Guys Mag:


On her role as Natalie Dashkov in Vampire Academy:
“Natalie was really fun to play. She’s such a fly on the wall, so unassuming, and a loser—at best—with pimples and glasses and frizzy hair.”

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Sarah Hyland for Aritzia


In the film, which is directed by Mark Waters (Mean Girls) and debuted on February 7th, Hyland plays Natalie Dashkov, who she describes as a “a crazy, geeky, loser, fake pimples, glasses, frizzy-haired vampire.” When I ask if it feels like she’s reintroducing herself to fans with this part, she answers with a thoughtfulness well beyond that of her Modern Family character. “I hope so. I mean, I’m just an actress, really,” she says. “I love to portray people, and I love to bring new things to different characters. I want to be a chameleon, so it’s not just, ‘Oh, that’s Haley Dunphy playing a vampire.’”

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PROMO: Sarah Hyland for Metro

Sarah Hyland talked to Metro about her role in Vampire Academy, as well as Modern Family.


You have a fight scene in some rather daunting high heels. That doesn’t seem like the best footwear for fighting.

No, not strappy Aldos. I was also very persistent in wearing them. I think I made it to, like, the third day before I was like, “I can’t do this.” But I’ve always kind of been a martyr when it comes to heels. My senior prom, by the end of the night everyone had their heels off and were just barefoot, and I was like [through gritted teeth], “I’m not taking them off. I’m doing it.”

Where does that dedication come from?

Probably “Sex and the City.” I thought I was Carrie Bradshaw. I was like, “I’m from New York and I love high heels — I’m Carrie.” [laughs] But she even takes them off at some points, so I don’t know. I’ve gotten better at treating my body better, but for the character, she’d be in these heels, she’d do it.

Are you trying different types of characters to dis-tinguish yourself beyond “Modern Family”?

That’s what I’m trying to do. That’s why I really love Natalie [in “Vampire Academy”], because she’s so different from anything I’ve ever done. It gives a chance for me to challenge myself more instead of playing the same characters over and over again, and it gives people a chance to see me as something different and not think of me as that pretty, popular girl — and I don’t even understand that whole pretty, popular girl aspect of myself.

Do you have a sense of how long the show will go on or how long you’ll be on it?

You know, you get in this routine where you’re like, “OK, so I have the summer off to do whatever and then I’m right back into it,” but I never want to start to feel comfortable in that, because as an actor, things can go away in a second. I mean, they’re not acting as though it’s going to be like that, but I don’t want to get so comfortable in my job to think that I’m going to have this job forever. You have to be smart with your money, you have to be smart with your career choices, you have to keep yourself and your name in the game so you’re not just Hayley Dunphy on “Modern Family,” so that you can have a career that lasts longer than just the show.

So do you have an idea for the next summer break about what you’d like to do?

I’m trying, I’m trying. Waiting to hear back. People think that once you reach a certain level you’re just offered anything, and it’s not the case. You still have to audition for stuff, you still have to meet with directors, you still have to put yourself on tape, even. I’m just waiting for some feedback for some stuff that’s on right now.

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Exclusive videos from set

Thanks to VAMovieTurkey, we have a few interview of the cast and a BTs video!


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PROMO: The cast plays at “Who said that?”

Zoey Deutch, Lucy Fry, Dom Sherwood and Sarah Hyland play at “Who said that?”, where they have to guess who said some lines from the movie.

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PROMO: Sarah Hyland for Marie-Claire

Sarah Hyland was briefly interviewed by Marie Claire about Vampire Academy and working with Mark Waters.


[Laughing]. I don’t think any woman on earth does! So let’s talk Vampire Academy. Completely different than Modern Family. How was the experience?

SH: I loved it. I went into it thinking, “Okay this is going to be so challenging and different and new.” And it ended up being SO much fun. And even though it’s a badass-kickass-motorcycle explosions-Zoey in her underwear-kind of film, there are different types of comedy in it as well.

MC: And your character, Natalie, kind of the loser nerd of the bunch…

SH: On a regular shoot, something like Modern Family or even when I did Bonnie & Clyde, you think, “Do I have dark circles? Is my lipstick ok? How’s my hair?” With this it was more like, “Eh, I don’t care. Do I look nerdy? Is my hair frizzy?” All I cared about it was the continuity of where my fake pimples were.

MC: Ah that’s great! And how about working with Mark Waters?

SH: It was amazing. It’s so hard to put into words because Mean Girls came out in 2004, I was 13 about to turn 14, and it was such a life defining moment. I’d only ever done dramatic stuff. Modern Family is my first comedy. And I didn’t even realize while watching Friends and Will & Grace that I was gaining comedic timing from those shows. It was kind of a defining moment when I watched Mean Girls because I started to really understand it.

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New featurette with interviews of the cast

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PROMO: the cast talks with

Sarah Hyland, Zoey Deutch, Lucy Fry and Dom Sherwood talk about who is the most and who is the less like his character.

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PROMO: Sarah Hyland for Vanity Fair

Sarah Hyland was interviewed by Vanity Fair about celebrity, Instagram and Vampire Academy:


Hyland did not have the chance to flex her fashion muscle in her upcoming film Vampire Academy, out this Friday, however, as she played a geek named Natalie, a role that required Hyland to don glasses (the telltale movie signal for “dork,” of course) and fake pimples (which were, in fact, temporary tattoos). For Hyland, playing against type was the central appeal: “You’re in everyone’s homes every week as this character, and they feel like they know you, and then they start to really define you as this character that you portray. So I didn’t want to get pigeonholed into being this popular, pretty, vapid young woman.” She also didn’t mind the chance to don fangs: “I took a lot of selfies with the fangs.”

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PROMO: Sarah Hyland for Moviefanatic

Sarah Hyland talks about Natalie and her favourite vampires, with Moviefanatic, as well as the poor look Natalie has!

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