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Exclusive new clip

In this exclusive clip from the film, we get our first good look at Christian Ozera (Dom Sherwood) and his ability to play with fire.

A few quotes:

“Mia, you are usually a lot better at passing on notes” – Teacher

“Please don’t read this note aloud, I beg of you”- Mia

“Mia is using you as a tool”- Lissa

“Are you calling me a tool”- teacher

“If she is not, I will”- Rose

“But Mr Meissner, you left out the best part about me and my boy Jesse and that damn tramp last night”- Ray

“Truth hurts, Bloodwhore”- Ray

“Kindly report to the headmistress, Mister Ozera”- teacher

“Like I need directions”- Christian


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