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Ashley Charles in GQ Magazine


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Interviews of the Vampire Academy cast at the Premiere

Danila Kozlovsky

Zoey Deutch

Lucy Fry

Dominic Sherwood

Ashley Charles

Daniel Waters

Sarah Hyland

Joely Richardson

Olga Kurylenko

Cameron Monaghan

Sami Gayle


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Moroi Decathlon: Round 2

Round 2 of the 1st Annual Moroi Decathlon is here! The first round saw Aaron “The Dark Destroyer” take the lead against Jesse “The Blond Bombshell” in a 10 second standoff in the Sun.

This time, the decision is up to YOU. As a human “feeder” you decide who you will be more comfortable with, or rather who you think will have more self control when it comes to drinking your blood.

So head on over to the World of Vampire Academy and vote for either Aaron or Jesse.


Aaron is played by actor Edward Holcroft and Jesse is played by actor Ashley Charles.

[Click the photo on the World of VA website to vote. It may not work on certain browsers].

Exclusive new clip

In this exclusive clip from the film, we get our first good look at Christian Ozera (Dom Sherwood) and his ability to play with fire.

A few quotes:

“Mia, you are usually a lot better at passing on notes” – Teacher

“Please don’t read this note aloud, I beg of you”- Mia

“Mia is using you as a tool”- Lissa

“Are you calling me a tool”- teacher

“If she is not, I will”- Rose

“But Mr Meissner, you left out the best part about me and my boy Jesse and that damn tramp last night”- Ray

“Truth hurts, Bloodwhore”- Ray

“Kindly report to the headmistress, Mister Ozera”- teacher

“Like I need directions”- Christian


Yahoo Movies: HERE

Bloody Disgusting: HERE

Ramascreen: HERE

Ficksandbits: HERE

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New still of Jesse Zeklos!


Source: VA_Film

3 new stills!

531991_642185615828307_956875728_n 1479471_667838876600038_1566850955_n



New stills from the movie!

8255_668207543220087_1782114332_n 1441169_668207506553424_385993800_n 1450058_668206136553561_866759657_n 1454669_668207596553415_71456578_n 1463194_668207713220070_1806043664_n 1465123_668207746553400_1349631065_n 1469795_668207416553433_387967022_n 1472756_668206153220226_101231678_n 1477350_668205996553575_1968193108_n

BaokzYwIIAA5wFh BaomApOCIAASbUJBapxEsmCAAEa6vz.jpg large BauNcZ1CAAEbhI5.jpg large

Source: Vampire Academy

New post on Gush: Jesse’s Scorecard


Jesse Zeklos shares his playlist with us!

ScreenPart_2013-09-27_21.29.04“Jesse Zeklos a des tendances vieux jeu car il est allé jusqu’à graver un CD et à le recouvrir de petits coeurs, même si ça nous donne envie de vomir, on doit reconnaître que le gars n’a pas de trop mauvais goûts musicaux.”

Here is the playlist:


And the videos:

Jesse Zeklos in the place!

New photo from @VAOfficialMovie of Ashley Charles as Jesse Zeklos!

Nouvelle photo de @VAOfficialMovie d’Ashley Charles en Jesse Zeklos!


Say hello to Jesse Zeklos (@ashleycharles), or as we like to call him, the Ace of Shades. #VAMovie

Dites bonjour à Jesse Zeklos ou comme on aime l’appeler l’as des lunettes de soleil”

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