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French Vampire Academy DVD

Vampire Academy DVD and Blu-Ray will be out on July 7 in France!


Source: VAWorldwideNews


Official UK DVD cover

Here is the UK Vampire Academy DVD cover!


Happy DVD release day!

That’s it! Vampire Academy DVD and Blu-Ray are officially out in the US today!


New scene from Vampire Academy DVD

Watch this exclusive extra scene from the Vampire Academy DVD:


Source: Justjared

New ad for VA DVD

DVD promo!

With the release of the DVD on May 20 and the digital copy on May 9, promo is starting on both official pages:

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You can pre-order it here: Amazon | Itunes

Source: OfficialVAMovie | VAOfficialMovie

Exclusive extras on Vampire Academy DVD

According to Shockya, there will be an interview of Richelle Mead on the DVD. She will talk about Moroi, Dhampirs, Strigoi as well as seeing her work coming to life on the big screen:


Here is a clip of that interview:


Source: Shockya


Vampire Academy DVD in Germany!

According to Blairwitch site, Vampire Academy DVD should be out on July 25 in Germany!


Source: Blairwitch

4 exclusive Valentine Cards

Teen has just released 4 exclusive VA Valentines Cards:

romitri-valentines-day rose-va-valentines-day va-dimitri va-valentines-day-card

Source: Teen

Turkish Vampire Academy Calendars

v_lNiRig mag

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Source: VAMovieTurkey | Percyjacksoning