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New Vampire Academy BTS photos

New BTS photos from the Vampire Academy set!

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Source: StVladAcad

New BTS photos



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Source: St Vlad Gush

New BTS photo of St Vladimir!


Source: Official Vampire Academy Movie

DVD promo!

With the release of the DVD on May 20 and the digital copy on May 9, promo is starting on both official pages:

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Bm0vagGCIAAqB3s BnEvW8aCcAIOz3L.png large


You can pre-order it here: Amazon | Itunes

Source: OfficialVAMovie | VAOfficialMovie

Vampire Academy DVD in Germany!

According to Blairwitch site, Vampire Academy DVD should be out on July 25 in Germany!


Source: Blairwitch

New BTS photo

New BTS photo of Zoey Deutch during VA filming!


German PROMO: Vampire Academy in Yeah and Mächden magazines

Vampire Academy is in German Yeah and Mädchen Magazines:

Source: AlwaysZoeyD

New Vampire Academy Stills

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Belgian PROMO: a banner


Russian PROMO: new promo photos

Source: Vampire Academy Rus | vtsoulmate | vk | dafna_rock