Meet the Fans of VA Team!


Laetitia  – Owner (news writer, social media)

Belgian VAddicts since 2011, I discovered the books early 2010 in an English bookstore. Since then, I have been in love with this story mixing action, romance, humour and touching characters. The aim of this website is to bring VA news to everyone as well as discussing our favourite series. Hope you will have a great time with us!


BloodSistersUK– Author (news writer, twitter account)

Hi! My name is Lara, I’m from the UK, and I’m a massive #VAddict! I picked up the first book shortly before Frostbite was due to come out, so I’ve been with the series for years and years, and am super excited to bring you news on the upcoming movie!

Megane Nora-Lise– Author (news writer, twitter, facebook accounts)   FMlyjQ3i.jpg small

Hi everyone, I’m Megane, book eater and tv show lover. VAddict for a few years now and in love with Richelle’s writing. The world of Vampire Academy is a special one and I’m proud to be part of such a crazy fandom! I hope you’ll enjoy the site, don’t hesitate to tweet me if you want to chat 🙂 @msnoralise


Bisma- Author (news writer, social media)

Hi! I’m Bisma and I’m a grown up fangirl who would give up any day out in the sun with real people to stay indoors and meet her favourite fictional characters in books, films and on TV shows!


2 thoughts on “Meet the Fans of VA Team!

  1. Elie April 12, 2014 at 7:34 pm Reply

    Je lis vampire academy en 2 jours. C’est un record pour moi. J’aime trop cette série! Richelle Mead ne cessez jamais d’écrire!!!

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