A roundup of trailers

Trailers/Scenes/TV promos:

1) Trailers

2) Scenes:

3) TV Spots:

4) Featurette:

5) TV promo:

a) MTV

b) Entertainment Tonight:

6) Other promo:

You can check here the trailer around the world!

Vous pouvez regarder le trailer dans différentes langues ici!

US trailer (the Weinstein Company):

Australian trailer (Studio Canal Australia):

Canadian trailer (eOne):

UK trailer (E1EntertainmentUK):

French trailer (Dubbed; Metropolitan):

Spanish trailer (Dubbed; eOne):

German trailer (Dubbed; Universum):

Dutch trailer (Subbed; Dutch Filmworks):

Russian trailer (Dubbed; Top film):

Hong Kong trailer (Subbed; Intercontinental):

Italian trailer (Dubbed; Moviemax Italia):

Brazilian trailer (Subbed; Diamond Films Brasil):

Serbian trailer (Subbed; MegaCom Film):

Greek Trailer (Subbed; FeelGood Entertainment):

Turkish Trailer (Subbed; Calinos Films): (via @VAMovieTurkey)

Bulgarian Trailer (Subbed; Tandem Film):

Ukrainian Trailer (Subbed/Dubbed):

Romanian Trailer (Subbed; Roimage):

Slovenian Trailer (Subbed; CenexFivia):

Hungarian Trailer (Subbed):


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