Lucy Fry for Sugarscape

Lucy Fry talked to Sugarscape on Vampire Academy DVD release in the UK this July 14th, here is what she has to say on the movie:


Hey Lucy. So first up, what is different about Vampire Academy to all those other bloodsucking movies we’ve seen before?

It’s fun and you’ll have fun! It’s a great mixture of humour and action and tension and romance, all tied together in a really punch storyline. It’s the kind of movie you go and see when you just want to enjoy yourself.

It’s a proper bad ass, girl power movie because although you’ve got the romance in there, it’s more about friendship, right?

Definitely. I think that’s why I loved the script so much, because when you’re a teenager, your friendships are everything to you. I guess romance is exciting, but your friends always come first and that’s what this film really honours.

The fact that Mark Waters (who did Mean Girls) was in the directing chair must have been pretty exciting when you were signing up?

I was really thrilled to get to work with Mark. He was everything that I thought he would be. He is so great, there’s so much attention to detail and he just knows how to make it fun.

Yeah and it totally nails the humour of the book despite having quite a dark storyline.

Exactly. I think that’s why Mark was the perfect person to bring the humour out in the really intense scenes.

Did you read the books before filming?

I hadn’t read them before I got the part, but as soon as I got the part I read them and really loved them. I tried to limit myself, but by the time I finished the first one, I just had to go onto the second one. 


They are SUCH addictive books. We read the series in one go. And Sarah and Zoey seem like a hilarious duo to have got to work so closely with?

I really, really love the girls. We were so lucky we got to work together – it was such a fun atmosphere on set. They are both really amazing actors and such hard workers, who always put in what they need to deliver but we had some good jokes on set. And it got intense some times – the story is about life and death so it’s nice to have that balance.

Lissa has quite an awesome journey in the movie – she does a proper 360. Did you prefer playing queen bee, bitchy Lissa or the quieter, more intense version?

I guess playing the juxtaposition between the two is my favourite, trying to find the middle ground with that manipulative queen bee side trying to control everyone, but also she never really feels she can be herself. So it’s that journey of not really being sure what’s going on inside of herself – that was really fun to play.

She has an amazing wardrobe too – was there anything you wanted to steal from wardrobe?

Oh yes. I really wanted the green dress that she wears at the end and she has this black dress, I think it was for the crowning picture with the queen, and it’s a proper princess dress. I was very tempted.

St Vladimir’s is pretty different to regular school – if you could give your teenage self a bit of advice, what would it be?

Just relax. I worked really hard at school and I think I’d just tell myself to chill out a bit more.

And you got to get rather up close and personal with Dominic, who plays Christian. How was that?

He was so much fun. He’s such a great guy. We had a really fun relationship. Our scenes were really intense so we had to break it up by making fun of each other. We have a really great friendship now, so that was nice.


The question we all want to know: How was it doing the kissing scenes with him – was it as fun as it looked?

[Laughs] Yes. I mean, when you’re doing scenes like that, you’re in character. It’s not Lucy and Dom, it’s Lissa and Christian so because you’re in that space, it’s fun to go and experience something like that.

Is it ever awkward?

The first one was awkward! It was the first day of filming and we’d pretty much just met and we did a kissing scene. It was really hard because you don’t know what the other person’s boundaries are and you’re not comfortable to laugh about it yet. I mean, by the end of the day the ice had been broken and it was easy to get on with the rest of the shoot and you could be relaxed and comfortable. So it was probably actually a good thing to be on the first day. There was no more tension.

Blimey, they properly threw you in at the deep end. Lissa has some awesome powers – If you could have some form of superpower in real life, what would it be?

I think having Lissa’s power to heal would be pretty phenomenal. I guess because I got to pretend to have that power, I’ve ended up wishing I had it in real life.

If you could have her mind reading abilityies and read the mind of any other celeb for a day, whose would you want it to be? 

I’m not sure about a celeb but I’d like to read my mother’s mind. Sometimes things come out of her mouth and it would be fun to know where they came from.

Source: Sugarscape


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