Australian PROMO: Interview of Zoey Deutch with Junkee

During her trip to Australia, Zoey Deutch has been interviewed by Junkee about Vampire Academy and what she finds interesting.

Vampire Family Australian Premiere

I liked the reference in Vampire Academy where your character calls your stalker-y classroom crush ‘Duckie’. Nice in-joke.
My father thought so too. He’s like, “Ah, that’s hilarious!” That was all Dan Waters – it was in the script before I was cast, too.

The whole teen vampire thing’s been done to death in recent years, but there’s a unique tone to this one: it’s more Buffy-ish than the recent spate of ridiculously serious stuff.
Yeah, it’s very playful. It has a real sense of humour about itself. Most of the plot and tone are true to the book, but the jokes are elevated – that’s much more of a Dan Waters specialty.

There are some interesting themes in there: it’s mainly about female friendship and competitiveness…
Yeah, and I’m sure there’s some weird sexual undertones that come through between them, which is inevitable when you have two young girls sucking each other’s necks. It’s also Mark Waters pushing the envelope: he’s not romantic at all, so he always needs to undercut it with some irony. Any sort of sentimental romance was like pulling teeth with him.

What’s it like working with the Waters Brothers? I read in an interview where you said Dan Waters has “the mind of a 13-year-old girl”.
Well, evidently – have you read the kinda dialogue he writes?

Yeah, kids calling each other “Bloodwhore!”
Dan Waters is impossible, and Mark Waters just doesn’t let anything phase him. They couldn’t be any more different.

Last Google Image search you made?
‘Pink Dior dress’. I’m wearing one to the Vampire Academy premiere and I was trying to see what kinda hair and make-up people have matched with it. That’s kinda embarrassing. Previous to that was ‘Neil Gaiman’. He wrote a short story that I love that’s being turned into a film script.

Last song you played?
‘Actor Out Of Work’, by St Vincent. I saw her perform at a DVF fashion show in New York recently.

Last thing you bid on on eBay?
Oh, a pair of Eames replica white chairs. I lost on eBay, but I got them somewhere else.

Last thing you Wikipedia’d?
‘Gustav Klimt’. My favourite artist. I was at a museum and saw one of his pieces, and the plaque mentioned the year that he made it, and I thought he was dead by then. Wikipedia proved me wrong. As did the painting which was right in front of me.

Source: Junkee


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