Australian PROMO: Zoey Deutch for Dolly Mag

Zoey Deutch has been interviewed by Dolly Mag to promote Vampire Academy:

Vampire Family Australian Premiere

What are the main similarities between you and Rose?

Probably our sense of humour. I kind of use it as a means of survival as does Rose and also our passion for all things which probably gets us in trouble as well as. It’s a positive attribute and a negative and our fervent opinions on things. We probably don’t know enough about to be that opinionated.

Are there many major differences besides the obvious?

Yeah I probably can’t kick ass, so absolutely! I also really admire her loyalty as a friend.

The film is very physical how did you prepare for it?

I did about three months of gym, crav maga, jujitsu , kick boxing  and during filming as well and there was a lot with my diet- as much food as I could possibly shovel in my mouth. I had been a vegetarian for 7 years prior and I became a meat eater for it because I was losing too much weight and I was having a ton of protein shakes so it was pretty full on!

So you probably could kick butt then!

[laughs] Not as much as I think I can! I have a much bigger head than I should because when I was doing the scenes all these stunt men had wires on them so I’d punch them and they’d fly across the room so I think I’m stronger than I actually am.

If you had a choice, would you be a moroi or a dhampir and why?

Dhampir because I’ve said it in every other interview and probably because most stories are about the fact that if you have powers you wish you didn’t. In most supernatural stories the superheroes end up wishing they didn’t have them all.

If you could choose anyone in the cast to have a ‘bond’ with who would it be?

Well Lucy and I almost have an altered version of a bond I can sense when she’s off, or needs food or if she’s tired. Probably Danila [Kozlovsky who plays Demitri] because I just don’t understand how he functions as a perfect human.

Did you and Lucy spend much time hanging out when you weren’t shooting?

I didn’t have much time to because I’m in pretty much every scene but when we had our day off we would go out sometimes, hang out and get lunch.

Was it tricky adjusting to filming at night?

Absolutely yes, especially the first 2-3 weeks were pretty brutal because I was on LA time and I go to London and spend a month and a half there on London time and then I go to night shoots. My body clock was everywhere but I kind of live in the mentality of ‘don’t think about it’. People ask me if I have jetlag and I’m like nope jetlag isn’t real! People get really confused by that response. But I’m strong-willed in that sense, at the time I think it was ok but looking back it was exhausting.

Did you get to see some daylight at all?

For the most part no because we would wake up at about 2 in the afternoon, we’d see the sun on the car ride to set and then you’re in a trailer getting hair and make-up so no not a lot of it!

Do you think making a movie about a really successful book series makes it harder to manage fan expectations?

My mum reminds me that it’s none of my business what other people think about me.

Have you had much feedback from fans?

Yeah a lot! Negative and positive but they have every right and I totally respect their passion, so if it means they don’t like me or something’s wrong then so be it they’re entitled to their opinion.

Do you have any favourite one-liners from the film?

It would be vain if I did but Daniel Waters wrote some pretty hilarious one liners for sure.

My favourite is when Rose is trying to reach Lissa in a crisis and says, ‘damn one-sided bond’!

Really!? That’s so funny I love it. I didn’t think that line was funny at all!

I think it was because it was such a serious scene and I wasn’t expecting it…

Well that’s kinda how life is! The most serious moments are sometimes the most comedic as well.

Can you think of any off the top of your head?

Well my family is always just treading that line between humour and offending one another.

In the VA film Rose is crushing on Dimitri but who would real life you choose Dimitri or Rose’s pal Mason?

That’s difficult. Probably Dimitri?

Are there characteristics that you admire about them in real life?

Yeah. It’s just hard to differentiate Mason and Cameron because I like Cameron more than I like Mason.

Is Cameron really funny in real life?

He has a much darker sense of humour. He’s someone who no matter how well you know him you don’t understand him at all. He’s an enigma! I’m fascinated by him. I sat on a 6 our plane ride and talked to him the entire time and got no insight into what he’s been doing or how he is, he’s very mysterious in that way.

What lessons do you thinks we could learn from Rose and Lissa’s friendship?

I understand that internal struggle between prioritising friends over love interests because it is difficult when you’re young!  I certainly didn’t always succeed and I really appreciate and admire Rose’s one-track, complete loyalty to Lissa.

A few of the characters, such as Mia, struggle with a lot of insecurities. Do you have any tips on being confident in yourself?

I know everyone always says this but it comes from within and if you’re ever feeling bad about yourself be nice to somebody else and try to remember that there is strength in vulnerability. You don’t have to always pretend like you’re ok. There is strength in actions people assume as being weak. Love or crying or admitting to someone that they hurt your feelings are all extremely strong and difficult things to do and if you think about it that way it might help people feel a little bit more confident.

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