New interview of Cameron Monaghan for Backstage

Cameron Monaghan has been interviewed by Backstage on his latest projects and his career:


His supporting role in “Vampire Academy” (which was cast by Backstage contributing editor Marci Liroff) has him playing the funny, outgoing but hopelessly “friend-zoned” Mason, in love with his best friend Rose. “He’s not quite the same hunk that Dimitri, his mentor, is in the movie,” says Monaghan. For the physically involved film that includes fight scenes, he did physical training to play the vampire from the young adult novels of the same title that inspired the movie.

“Be truthful to yourself. Trust your instincts and be open to the advice and critiques of other people, but at the same time you have to believe that what you’re doing is the right path…listen to critics because they have some basis a lot of the time, but you have to take them with a huge grain of salt.”

Read more: Backstage


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