PROMO: Zoey Deutch for Teen Vogue

Zoey Deutch went into Teen Vogue office today to talk about Vampire Academy!


You’ll notice that Zoey spends an enormous amount of time being repeatedly, and mercilessly, body-slammed. “It gets comical at a certain point,” she told us.

Was that really her being relentlessly tossed to the ground, over and over again? With the exception of a few scenes (“I wasn’t allowed to do anything that could potentially kill me—you know, for insurance reasons”), it was all her. “I didn’t have any serious injuries, which was remarkable,” she says proudly. “One day, though, I twisted my ankle and Cameron Monaghan broke his hand. I’m convinced he did that to upstage me. Typical Cameron.”

“She’s super comfortable in her sexuality,” she says. “That’s not something you usually see in a teenage female character.”

Source: Teen Vogue


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