PROMO: Sarah Hyland for Marie-Claire

Sarah Hyland was briefly interviewed by Marie Claire about Vampire Academy and working with Mark Waters.


[Laughing]. I don’t think any woman on earth does! So let’s talk Vampire Academy. Completely different than Modern Family. How was the experience?

SH: I loved it. I went into it thinking, “Okay this is going to be so challenging and different and new.” And it ended up being SO much fun. And even though it’s a badass-kickass-motorcycle explosions-Zoey in her underwear-kind of film, there are different types of comedy in it as well.

MC: And your character, Natalie, kind of the loser nerd of the bunch…

SH: On a regular shoot, something like Modern Family or even when I did Bonnie & Clyde, you think, “Do I have dark circles? Is my lipstick ok? How’s my hair?” With this it was more like, “Eh, I don’t care. Do I look nerdy? Is my hair frizzy?” All I cared about it was the continuity of where my fake pimples were.

MC: Ah that’s great! And how about working with Mark Waters?

SH: It was amazing. It’s so hard to put into words because Mean Girls came out in 2004, I was 13 about to turn 14, and it was such a life defining moment. I’d only ever done dramatic stuff. Modern Family is my first comedy. And I didn’t even realize while watching Friends and Will & Grace that I was gaining comedic timing from those shows. It was kind of a defining moment when I watched Mean Girls because I started to really understand it.

Check out more here: Marie-Claire

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