PROMO: Lucy Fry for OK Magazine

Lucy Fry talks with OK Magazine about her friendship with Zoey Deutch, the item she took from set as well as fan reactions to her casting.


OK!: Zoey mentioned she gave you a lift after you read together for your roles in Vampire Academy. Did you immediately have a connection?
Lucy Fry: We me read the scenes together and it was funny how it kind of instantly fell into this connection Rose and Lissa have. We were reading the scenes and it just felt really alive and we had a really dynamic bond. When we were leaving and I was like, “Oh, I’m getting the bus home,” because that’s what Australians do in LA, we don’t realize you’re not meant to get the bus. I still think it’s weird people don’t get the bus here. Zoey was like, “No, you can’t do that. I’m driving you!” So from the beginning she was protecting me and being my guardian. Our relationship has just gotten deeper since then.

OK!: What was one of your favorite scenes to film?
LF: I loved the power scenes. I really loved the fantasy of that and doing something you don’t get to do in everyday life. That was really exciting.

OK!: Was there anything you wanted to steal from wardrobe?
LF: The Equinox Dance dress! I grabbed a hoodie, like one of those St. Vladimir’s hoodies, just because I thought they were really cool.

OK!: Were you surprised by any of the fan reaction when it was announced you were cast as Lissa?
LF: I tried not to pay attention. Most of what I find out about what’s going on online is from my mom and also some of my friends. They would tell me, “Oh everyone thinks you’re a great Lissa,” and I know, of course, there’s people who don’t agree. I love the book. I’ve become a huge fan of the book so I don’t want Lissa to get stuffed up because I feel protective. I don’t want to do a bad job. So I think in that way I was really harsh on myself and a put a lot of pressure on myself to do the character justice.

Source: OK Magazine


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