PROMO: Interview of Mark Waters

Director Mark Waters talks about Vampire Academy:


“[The movie] has a little bit of humor and wit to it, and it doesn’t take itself so seriously. While at the same time, still delivers on the life-and-death stakes of having vampires try to kill you.”

Waters says the movie also promises action, suspense, and “intrigue to kind of give us that higher level of stakes, even beyond the high school stories.”

” One modification to traditional vampire lore: the introduction of the Dhampir, the Moroi, and the Strigoi, i.e., the three different classes of vampire. The Dhampir are not magic, don’t drink blood, but they are strong, agile guardians. The Moroi are the peaceful royal vamps. They have magical powers, can control the elements, and do drink blood. The Strigoi? Oh jeez. The Strigoi are evil, powerful, and immortal. The terrifying supernatural being holy trinity. But the lore isn’t the only thing that sets Vampire Academy apart from other teen franchises. In fact, the film’s characters are so strong and funny, you might find you actually like them better than some of film’s most popular teenage idols.

It Comes With Plenty Of Girl Power

The dynamic between Rose (Zoey Deutch) and Lissa (Lucy Fry), the two main characters, is “what makes this particular movie very distinctive,” Waters says. “Most movies don’t have two female leads in them … If they have two of them, they rarely talk to each other,” he continues. “We have two women and their relationship is the core of the whole movie. Sure, they have relationships with guys, but their relationship is key.”

“Rose can go into Lissa’s brain and see and hear and feel what she’s saying when they have their connection,” Waters says. “I thought that was a really fascinating thing that I’d yet to see before.”

“[Deutch and Fry] committed themselves to whatever was necessary to do their greatest possible performance here,” Waters says. “From the moment they each auditioned, I kind of knew that they were already in the strike zone of the part.”

Mark says Rose is “not like any other YA heroine, even the really great characters like Katniss Everdeen.” Regarding Katniss, Mark laughs that she’s “kind of a bore.” “You admire [Katniss], but would you invite her to a dinner party? She’s amazing, she kicks ass, but she doesn’t really have much to say. She’s very stoic in her heroism.”

“Rose is very, very complicated, difficult, funny, and makes mistakes,” Waters says. “She’s overtly sexual. All of these things are really interesting to have for a lead character who’s not just politely sincere.”

Source: Bustle


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