PROMO: The cast for Chron

Dom Sherwood, Zoey Deutch and Lucy Fry have been interviewed by Chron about the movie and the fans.


“As soon I got announced for the film, my Twitter followers just jumped all of a sudden,” said Sherwood, who plays brooding love interest Christian Ozera. “I had 50 friends following me on Twitter. All of a sudden, it just absolutely exploded.” He now counts almost 17,000 followers.

“This film isn’t going to be the way that anyone imagined it to be. There’s no way that any person’s imagination is similar to the person next to them,”- Lucy Fry

“As much as I think it’s vital to honor the fans and acknowledge how amazing they are, I think trying to please everybody would just make us all miserable,”- Zoey Deutch

“If we have any sort of expectation of how it’s going to be received, we’re going to be disappointed either way. I think that’s applicable to life in general. Luckily – or unfortunately, depends who you talk to – I went to middle school in L.A. It was awful. People made fun of every little thing I did. I think that helped me prepare for the inevitable criticism that awaited with this career and this film.

“If they say something mean about me, I’m not necessarily offended because they’re passionate. They have every right to their own opinion. It’s the Internet What do you expect?” – Zoey Deutch

“I instantly connected to Lissa in that I felt her sensitivity and her kind of dreaminess,” Fry said with a laugh. “She kind of has this ethereal energy that’s a little bit disconnected from reality. Sometimes I can be a bit like that.”- Lucy Fry

“I really had to work on the physical aspect of the character. She has an innate ability to fight. She has heightened senses. I had never been to a gym,” she said. The transformation included three months of gym training, kickboxing and martial arts.

“In a lot of ways, I’m a lot like Rose. But I don’t necessarily let my flaws define me. I think that’s one of Rose’s flaws. She thinks if people can’t deal with her at her worst then they can’t have her at her best. It’s that kind of mentality, which is lethal and toxic, especially for a teenager.”- Zoey Deutch

Source: Chron


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