PROMO: Interview of Sarah Hyland for On the red carpet

Sarah Hyland has been interviewed by on the red carpet about Vampire Academy!


On making the film and performing stunts for the first time …

“It was so much fun. It was my first time overseas in London. It was my first time doing stunts, choreographed fighting. It actually wasn’t my first time playing a vampire, I played a vampire before but, it was so much fun and the cast was just so terrific and Mark Waters and Daniel Waters are just geniuses. I think that’s the best way to describe them.”

On social media reaction to her casting …

“As soon as it was announced that I was playing Natalie, they started going crazy. They made fan art and they’ve been so supportive, you know. I think the only negative things that people have said about me, well, never mind, I can’t say that because it’ll give too much away. But people have always been so supportive on Twitter and on their Tumblrs and Instagram and all that social media mayhem. They’ve been really supportive and amazing and I just hope that they like the movie. I hope that they do because, I hope that they like the movie more than I do.”

On working with her cast members …

“We were all so very close. Lucy is like a young Nicole Kidman, so elegant and beautiful and so talented that I just kind of stare at her sometimes, that’s all you really can do. And Zoey and I have this spastic energy that’s just over-the-top crossing the line at times, so we really clicked from the get go. And she’s just so, so professional and amazing and hard working. She worked her butt off in this film and I’m so proud of her. And I just kind of made weird faces and said lines. That’s really all I did.”

Check out the video: HERE


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