PROMO: Richelle Mead for The Young Folk

Richelle Mead has been interviewed by The Young Folk to talk about the movie.


“My agent and I were talking about her, and when we saw the movie, Zoey was so effortlessly Rose. You don’t even realize it, like I couldn’t believe it. She has that attitude, and she brings it on camera. Off camera, she’s just so spunky; when she’s in the room, people know it. She’s not just spunk and humor, but she’s also a super caring and compassionate young woman.  I fondly remember being on set, and she was worried about me being under the lights, I don’t know if you know this, but it’s really hot being on set. It was a long day on set for her, and she was worried about me, making sure I had enough water and I was comfortable. It’s funny because her caring reflects how Rose treats Lissa, and she has that fun attitude that we love, so Zoey was able to play both types well.”
“You know, I didn’t cry. That’s not to say I wasn’t emotional or wasn’t floored by all of it, but I did not cry. I was a little sad when I met Cameron Monaghan, who plays Mason. We all know his fate, well those who have read the book, when you actually put a face to him and meet him and see him play Mason that kind of messed with my head and made me feel guilty. So I felt sad around him. That’s the closest, but I didn’t break down.”
“[Getting the right screenwriter] was very important to me, and I didn’t know if they were going to get a screenwriter who was so deeply melodramatic that none of Rose’s attitude would carry through. Well, I just loved the script. I was especially relieved because he gets what I did with the book and fully realizes it. The comedy is there, and I know some people are worried about that based on the advertising, but it’s still with the tone of the book. The seriousness is still there. He was very conscientious about that. He understood what I was trying to do, and what I was doing was trying to balance a bunch of different tones. And you know, he carried that through to the script.”
“Just be prepared for everything. Each time I see an ad or something, I think maybe it will be an action ad or a funny ad or something else. That’s what I love about the book; there’s not one tone to it. It has that wonderful balance of darkness and humor and action and romance. It has something for everyone. It has a diverse tone and a smart script. Tell your friends to go out and see it.”
Read more: HERE

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