PROMO: Interview of Sarah Hyland with OK Magazine

Sarah Hyland has been interviewed by OK Magazine and talks about Gabriel Byrne, nightshoots as well as London.


OK!: Was there anything you learned from working with a legend like Gabriel Byrne on Vampire Academy that you’ll take with you on future projects?
Sarah Hyland: He’s a wonderful actor and I loved watching him work. I love to see how people’s brains work when they act, and especially someone of that caliber. What I love about him is he’s so educated in almost everything—he can talk about politics, art, theater, everything.

OK!: How did you adjust to the nighttime shooting schedule?
SH: I’m a night owl so it wasn’t the worst thing in the world. The worst thing in the world was that by the time we got off work everything restaurant was closed and the only thing I had, because I didn’t have a kitchen or anything like that in my hotel room, was room service. By the time I left London I had a ₤3,000 bill for room service. And the sun came up at 4 AM. I can’t wrap my brain around it. That’s what messed me up. Not the filming at night, the sun coming up so early. And it sets at like 10 PM.

OK!: Were you able to explore London at all?
SH: I did the touristy things. I saw the London Eye and we lived near Buckingham Palace and Big Ben so that I was able to see really easily. A food place I really loved was Byron Burger. I miss it. I want it to come to the States.
OK!: Do you feel like filming on location helps build camaraderie among the cast?
SH: I think so because I feel like if we were filming Modern Family outside somewhere we would only be hanging out with each other. But I feel like filming on location gives you more of a work ethic and you really focus on the script more. You’re not home, you’re not comfortable, you’re not thinking, “Oh, I just want to get home and see my friends.” All you really have is your work and that’s one of my favorite things about being on location is you really focus on your character and your dialogue.

OK!: Having the experience of training physically for this role, do you feel almost addicted to it now? Do you want to do it again?
SH: I really want to do it again but nothing that I’m up for right now is like that. I want to get in shape again and have a reason instead of being at home and working out because clearly I’m going to watch TV and eat pizza than go work out.

Source: OKMagazine


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