PROMO: Interviews with Screenslam

ScreenSlam interviewed Zoey Deutch, Lucy Fry and Dominic Sherwood during the press junket;

Listen to them talking about Vampire Academy here:

Zoey Deutch

“VA is a story of friendship between 2 girls who don’t have a family but just each other…”

“Mark Waters is such a talent for comedic timing”

“There is a sweet scene where Lissa says: “How long have you been crushing on your teacher”

“He (Dom) is the biggest klutz I have seen in my life”

Lucy Fry

“Lissa is lucky to have her bestfriend, Rose”

“A comedy, who doesn’t take itself seriously, it’s fresh”

Lucy Fry and Dominic Sherwood

“What drew Lissa and Christian together is their loneliness and isolation, they can’t express their feelings with anyone”

“Christian is seen as dangerous”

“Christian is a fire user, which is so awesome”

Sarah Hyland

“Natalie has no friends, gossip is her best friend and she is a daddy girl to the extreme”

“The good thing about Vampire Academy is that it blends all genders really”

“They (fans) will love Zoey and Lucy cos they are amazing and bring these characters to life..wonderful to see”

Source: Screenslam


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