PROMO: Interview of Lucy Fry for MOA

Lucy Fry talked with MOA (Mall of America) about her character in Vampire Academy, as well as her taste in movies and actors.


Q: How did you get your start in acting?

Lucy Fry: As a child I was really quiet and shy- no one could hear me when I spoke! My teacher recommended I go to speech and drama classes to find my voice. Through those classes I started to recite poetry and discovered I loved to perform. At 14, I started to train at a theatre in Australia and it was so liberating and exciting. I thought, this is something I could do.

Q: When you heard you got this part what was the first thing you thought?

Lucy Fry: Blank shock – I could not think.

Q: Did you do anything special to prepare for the film?

Lucy Fry: Lots of voice training to get my English accent perfect and yoga to get my princess posture! I also did lots of training with a physical theatre coach to find ways to physically manifest the pain Lissa feels over the loss of her parents.

Q: What did you like best about your character?

Lucy Fry: The friendship between her and Rose. The honesty and the way they are always there for each other is the most beautiful thing about the character. Everything they do is always for the other.

Q: Any surprises about playing a vampire princess?

Lucy Fry: I really had no idea what was going to a happen! But that is really the best way to go about life – let everything be a surprise and don’t expect anything.

Q: Friendship is the overshadowing theme in the film. How was it filming with a strong female cast?

Lucy Fry: Filming was amazing! We all got along really well and had a natural connection from the start. What really drew me to this film in the first place were the strong female roles- it is a liberating story for women.

Q: Since this film is based on a book series, are there more films being planned?

Lucy Fry: Yes! If it goes as we plan, then we will be doing the second film sometime this year.

Q: Why should people go see this film?

Lucy Fry: Because they will have lots of fun! It’s got action, comedy, romance and doesn’t take itself too seriously.

Q: This movie comes out close to Valentine’s Day. Do you have any plans this year?

Lucy Fry: I am not that really into Valentine’s Day as a romantic thing. I believe every day you should be romantic. At my high school we actually had a celebration as friends every year. I am hoping a lot of girls go to see this film on Valentine’s Day and celebrate their friendships.

Q: Who are some of your favorite actors?

Lucy Fry: Kate Blanchet & Johnny Depp are both transformative – I love that they are such chameleons. Every character is different and wonderful.

Q: Favorite movie theatre snack?

Lucy Fry: I go for popcorn over candy.

Q: What are some of your favorite films?

Lucy Fry: One of my favorite films growing up was “Notting Hill.” I am also obsessed with “Lord of the Rings” and always wanted to be an elf. Actually, I realized the only way for me to become an elf was to become an actress. Hopefully, there is an elf role out there waiting for me. If not I will write one.

Source: MOA


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