Richelle Mead interview with Fangirlish

Richelle Mead has been interviewed by Fangirlish and talks about the movie and MTV Movie Brawl!


There have been quite a few clips and stills that have been released. What has been the general feedback on social media and what do you think of them?

Richelle: I am a huge fan of everything that I have seen. I have read the script and I have seen an early cut of the movie. I have the big picture to look at. To me, it is very true to it and I think people are starting to feel that way the more they see actual footage from the movie. I think some of the advertising was confusing to some fans who didn’t quite understand the angle that they were going for – it looked like it had more humor than they were expecting. It was kind of an attempt to differentiate it from Twilight and some of the other supernatural works out there. Vampire Academy is a very funny book. It is also a very serious, heartbreaking book too. It does have its sense of humor, so they were really playing up that angle in the advertising. I think once fans have started to see these clips, especially in the last couple of weeks – there has just been tons of them and new trailers and all sorts of good stuff- I think they are seeing what I have been seeing for a long time. It really does capture that dark tone, the humor, the romance, the action. It’s a big balancing act both in the book and the movie and I really do feel like they got that. Daniel Waters, who wrote the script, understood what I was trying to do in the book. He captured that in his screenplay, I feel.

What scene are you most excited to see on the big screen?

Richelle: I am most excited about the ending. Endings are my favorite part to write of the book. It’s what everything is building towards – all the clues, all the mysteries. It’s when everything comes together for me as a writer. Then also, it goes extremely fast. I can slave over a book for weeks and then write an ending in a couple of days. I was super excited to see that on film. The draft that I have seen of it – I thought it was just really wonderful what they did. They got all the action, it follows all the main points that are in the book. They added a few things that don’t take away from anything, but make it look really neat on screen. I think fans are really going to enjoy that.

When you write, do you write the ending first?

Richelle: No, but it’s what I am always building towards. I am always thinking of it. It is what I am most excited about. I write very linearly. I know people who will jump around and then can piece it all together, but I am not one of them.

The MTV Movie brawl has been going on, and the power of the Vampire Academy fans. It’s knocked out some pretty heavy YA hitters. How does it feel to see all your fans come together to make sure that you are represented and you win?

Richelle: It is really incredible to see what they do. It’s exactly what you said, they have hit out some really big titles. I don’t think readers have the same understanding of these fandoms and readership as we do on the publishing side. We see sales numbers. We know who is big and who is not. Vampire Academy has a huge following, but it really is dwarfed by some of these other ones. Divergent is much bigger and The Fault in Our Stars is, as well. I really don’t even know if the readers understand what they have pulled off. It just blows my mind.

When I saw some of the people we were up against, I thought “oh my gosh, I know those numbers and there is no way.” And they still do it. They do it very honestly too. There have been some scandals with people using bots for some other movies to get votes. The VA Fans though, they are clicking each and every minute. It’s that pure love and passion that they are doing that with. I have said for ages I have the best fans for my books and it is true. The fact that they organize these worldwide things – voting marathons, pictures going around – it’s crazy. It’s so global. It’s humbling. It’s just incredible that they do this – that they form friendships with each other in different places, just for the sake of seeing this book that they love put up on this altar. It’s incredible.

Do you think after Bloodlines #6 comes out, will you exit the Vampire Academy world? Will you write a different series in it?

Richelle: That is the million dollar question. It is being tossed around now, because I am nearing the end of Bloodlines. Book five is almost put to bed and it is going to be time for six. It is hard, it is tricky. It’s a decision that is going to need to be made very soon. So all I can say is stay tuned. Definitely something I am still figuring out.

If you had a theme song that would describe the journey to getting the movie made, what would that be?

Richelle: I would say Eye of the Tiger. It’s been a lot of work. People have no idea what goes into making a movie. I still don’t. I have only scraped it based on what I see from people I have worked with in Hollywood. It’s a hugely complicated process. There are so many things that have to come together at just the right place at the right time. I have a huge respect for that business after what I have seen. It is very easy for people to go online and weigh in on what is good and what is bad, but it just blows my mind what it takes. It’s not just like go make a movie. It is hard, it is very hard. I just feel really lucky to have had such great people to work with on it. But definitely a long journey.

When your readers want to relax we read, but being as you are a writer, what do you do to relax? Do you read?

Richelle: I do read, but not as much as I used to. When I do read, it is not in my own genre. It is more relaxing for me to read in something else. Fantasy, historical. I don’t read about vampires for fun. Also to relax, I love reality TV. I think it’s because it is unscripted. Don’t get me wrong, I watch plenty of other shows that are scripted and have storylines, but I find myself analyzing them and thinking of plots and reveals and pacing. Reality TV is just such mind candy – there is no ulterior motives going on, there is no subplots, foreshadowing – it’s just there and it’s ridiculous. It gives my mind a break after a day of analyzing character motives in my own work.

Can I ask what your favorite reality show is?

Richelle: Probably Project Runway. It actually isn’t one of the most ridiculous ones out there. That’s actually a pretty smart show. But I do, I love Project Runway. I am also a fan of Hell’s Kitchen, which is slightly ridiculous at times. They are addictive. I like them a lot.

I know that you just had a baby, so fans are wondering are they going to be able to see you at the premiere?

Richelle: I am not coming to the premiere. He’s just too little to bring. I am just not comfortable bringing a baby on a germy airplane and also I couldn’t leave him, him being so young either. We’re just going to be staying in Seattle and we’ll hear about the premiere from people who get to go to it. Hopefully this will just be motivation for Frostbite to get made and then I can go to that premiere.

If you could say anything to your fans right now, what would you say?

Richelle: I would thank them for their support along the way, just with all of this. It’s amazing. I was touching on this earlier, but I feel so, so lucky to have people that love these books so much that they stand up for them and read them over and over. They write to me and I never have time to write back, but I read all the messages and it’s overwhelming that they have enough passion for these books and these things I create that they allow me to keep doing it. So I thank them and hope that they will stick with me for more books and they will give the movie a chance. I think it’s a lot of fun and I really love what I have seen of it.

Source: Fangirlish


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