PROMO: Zoey Deutch talks with 997Now

Zoey Deutch has been interviewed by Letty B. from 997Now, a San Francisco radio station. She talked about her training, her friendship with Lucy as well as the lust charm scene.


“It was a lot of training. It was actually three and half months of gym, kickboxing, martial arts training and stunt choreography.”

“Emotionally I find strength in her vulnerability, in her loyalty to her best friend, in her ability to make mistakes, acknowledge them and move forward.”

“Lucy [Fry] and I, strangely enough, have a very similar relationship in real life to the relationship in the film.”

“There the ‘Lust Charm’ scene which I think went really well.” Revealed Deutch, “It is definitely the one that the audience reacts to the loudest.”

Check it out here:

Source: 997Now


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