Surprise from OVAM: a totally new website

Official Vampire Academy Movie Page has announced a big surprise coming up, what could it be?

La page Official Vampire Academy Movie a annoncé une grande surprise, qu’est-ce que ça peut bien être?

Here is the surprise: Go check the new website: The world of Vampire Academy

Voici la surprise, allez visiter le site!


The new website has amazing features, presenting each class at St Vladimir:

Le nouveau site présente de chouettes chose, comme chaque classe à St Vladimir:

ScreenPart_2014-01-25_02.12.35 ScreenPart_2014-01-25_02.14.05 ScreenPart_2014-01-25_02.16.55

The feeder room:

La salle des feeders:


A funny Moroi decathlon:

Un concours Moroi marrant:


A history of royal families:

L’histoire des familles royales:


A description of the various symbols and tattoos:

Une description des symboles et tatouages:

ScreenPart_2014-01-25_02.24.11 ScreenPart_2014-01-25_02.24.52

And  a few new stills and BTS:
Et quelques nouvelles photos:

ScreenPart_2014-01-25_02.05.55 ScreenPart_2014-01-25_02.03.53

ScreenPart_2014-01-25_02.03.26 ScreenPart_2014-01-25_02.02.57

ScreenPart_2014-01-25_02.02.48 ScreenPart_2014-01-25_02.02.36

roundhouse_c roundhouse_b



We can’t thank enough Official Vampire Academy Movie for EVERYTHING they did for us, and this is the cherry on top, thank you so much!

Source: The world of vampire academy


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