2 exclusive new trailers by Weinstein Company

2 exclusive new teasers have been revealed by The Weinstein Company and they are totally epic! Check them out below:

2 nouveaux teaser trailers ont été dévoilés par Weinstein Company et ils sont épiques! Regardez plus bas:

My best friend is a royal member of an ancient race.

I’m her guardian.

Your life mission is protect Lissa.

You are welcome.

This is Vampire Academy.

In this school

Every vampire

needs a guardian

Oh no

Because a news breed

Living in a world of bogeyman, on the hill

Is out for blood

There is a bigger threat still out there

I can’t remember who loves us or who hates us.

Let’s make tonight our bitch

On ancient ground

This secret school

is the last stand

Your life mission is to protect us all

Between our worlds

You live in a world of bogeyman, up on the hill

and the world of darkness

They are coming

Should I call for back-up?


You will have to go through me


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