Reactions to Vampire Academy pre-screening

Some lucky people had the chance of attending a pre-screening of the movie and they are really positive about it! Here is a compilation:

From Arianna Del Bene:

From Scott Pilgrim:

From Kelly:

From Chrissy Chronicles:

From Haley:

From Katie:

From Jason:

From Yatty Kitty:

From Jennifer Xander:

From Nicole Ulrich:

From Stephanie Stark (spoiler):

From Lawrencelyjen:

From abeitotzz:

From EKat:

From TheStuffy:

From Aunty_manda:


You can read the awesome review by @DhampsDragomirs:

You can read another review by DhampirLife here:


Source: KozlovskyBR/dhampirlife/twitter


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