Exclusive Behind the scene footage from ET!

Entertainment Tonight announced last week that they would released their set visit this week, with BTS footage. After 2 preview which I’m sure made fans more impatient, here is the exclusive sequence!

Entertainment Tonight avait annoncé la semaine dernière qu’ils diffuseraient leur visite sur le tournage cette semaine, avec des scènes depuis les coulisses. Après 2 extraits, qui auront rendu les fans bien plus impatients, voici le reportage exclusif!


The quality I share most with Rose is kind of her passion for all things. And literally my inability to hold back how I’m feeling. I’d tell you what exactly I’m feeling all the time whether it gets me in trouble or not. That definitely makes me closer to Rose. She is someone who kind of says how it is, so I can appreciate that.

Forbidden love. It’s forbidden love but it’s love. I think there is definitely a sense of like: “yeah, you can’t have it but at the same time, it does feel like from the moment they see each other, it is love at first sight like there is some sort of undeniable connection. Even when they are doing the do or whatever you call it, they are, it’s something that just couldn’t happen but they are attracted to one another. It really feels like they are in love with each other.

I love what happens between me (I’m sorry, my character), yeah me and Rose. I would say it’s a very special, very unique relationship and I love it. It’s sort of love/tension between me and Rose. I think it’s going to be very interesting for you.

Okay, I think maybe it sounds strange but I think I’m romantic, yeah. I don’t know what it means exactly being romantic but I know exactly when I’m watching movies about love, drama movies or romantic movies, i’m very often crying. I love all the romantic music like Dean Martin, Tony Bennett, romantic books.

Personality-wise, how are you like your character in the film?

Sensitivity-wise, exactly the same. Lissa is really sensitive and I’m ridiculously sensitive as well, so that’s something that we have completely in common. A lot of people say that I’m a lot like Lissa because sometimes, I’m like: “oh it’s so so…” but I also feel as the filming goes on, I’m becoming more and more like her. You know, because I spend 12 hours a day being her so then, it’s difficult to get rid of that at the end of the day.

There are amazing romance scenes in it but I feel the key relationship is the friendship between Lissa and Rose. I think that’s one of the things, especially young girls, will love because when you are a teenager, your friendship always feels like the most important thing you haven, so yeah, that’s a really key to the film.

How I can relate to Natalie? I’m not very much like Natalie. Natalie is really young, geeky, no one really likes her and she hasn’t got a lot of friends. She knows like a lot of gossip around the school so she is kind of very spastic and stuff. I’m spastic but in a very different way, I’m very sociable, I love being around people and making new friends and stuff so I’m not very much like Natalie.

I think Vampire Academy is different from all other vampire films like Twilight and things like that because I don’t know, it has this sexy modd and Zoey, who is playing Rose, is such an amazing actress and I got really closer to her from the start, she is really invested in her work, so is Lucy playing Lissa. I don’t knoww, I hope people likes it and I don’t really want to compare it to Twilight. The only thing they really have in common is the vampire film.

The idea of Rose and Dimitri’s romance is one that was kicking around in my head for a while. It’s difficult being a former teacher to be writing about a student and a teacher who have a romance together because we are always told it’s a really wrong thing. I’m not necessarily encouraging that in people but their age difference isn’t that great between them, mainly the romantic big point is about love that has to challenge society ideas, that’s what they are facing. It’s what it comes down to, you know, she is almost an adult but she is not quite there yet, her feelings are strong but everyone say it doesn’t matter how you feel with that and that’s kind of the central heart of the conflict.

People often ask me what surprises me the most about the script and what surprises me the most is how it is true to the book. I came in fully expecting, okay wse are going to have slash, cutting and all kinds of things from the book to the script but Daniel Waters did an amazing job, because all the main parts of the book, all the main bits are there, all the characters we love he has all those. He really gets what  I was trying to do with the balance of action, romance and humour and he kept all these important things that we need to move the story along and so I’m just completely thrilled with it.

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