Fanarts of the week: September 27-October 3, 2013

Hello and welcome on this event! Each Thursday, we will gather fanarts seen during the week.

Bonjour et bienvenue dans ce rendez-vous! Chaque jeudi, nous rassemblons les fanarts vus la semaine.

If you wish to be removed from the post, if you haven’t been credited right or if you would like to share your own fanart, don’t hesitate to contact us via this blog or at!

Si vous souhaitez être retiré du post, si vous n’avez pas été crédité correctement ou si vous souhaitez partager vos fanarts, n’hésitez pas à nous contacter via le blog ou à!

Fanarts from Tumblr:

zoeyZoey Deutch, from

tumblr_mu1tctMAKe1rgmvpwo1_500Lissa and Christian, from

bloodRose Hathaway from

chrisChristian and Lissa, from

danilaDanila Kozlovsky, from

tumblr_mtqzh0QTDV1sdjiooo1_500Rose and Dimitri, from

tumblr_mtr5rt4e7P1rptc0co1_500Rose and Dimitri, from

tumblr_mtr6yqWS4H1rpgpq8o1_500Rose and Dimitri, from

tumblr_mtr7k0769b1rzhu40o1_500Rose and Lissa, from

tumblr_mtrb92pNmP1r7czr3o1_500tumblr_mtrb92pNmP1r7czr3o2_500tumblr_mtrb92pNmP1r7czr3o3_500Rose and Dimitri, from

tumblr_mtrgus4fCl1qkv7hbo2_250 tumblr_mtrgus4fCl1qkv7hbo1_250

tumblr_mtrgus4fCl1qkv7hbo3_250 tumblr_mtrgus4fCl1qkv7hbo4_250

Rose Hathaway from

Fanarts from Twitter:

BVhrq0PCMAAkC5rDanila Kozlovsky, from Allita

BVlvvoyIEAA9mo6Danila Kozlovsky, from Alexandra Gavrilchenko

BVmHUJNCAAAvWpWDimitri, Rose, Victor, Lissa and Christian, from @MilaStoun

Fanarts from youtube:

Vampire Academy, Sometimes I want to disappear by RecklessGirl100


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