Zoey Deutch and Sarah Hyland at the VMA’s


It has been confirmed this morning that Zoey Deutch (Rose) and Sarah Hyland (Natalie) would attend the VMA’s on Sunday!

Il a été confirmé ce matin que Zoey Deutch (Rose) et Sarah Hyland (Natalie) seraient présentes aux VMA’s ce dimanche!

The Video Music Awards will take place on Sunday August 25 at 9pm at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn.

Les Video Music Awards auront lieu dimanche 25 août à 21h (heure de New-York) au Barclays Center de Brooklyn.

Other times:

Autres heures:

US Pacific Time: 6pm

UK Time: 2am

Europe: 3am

Brazil: 10pm


Western Australia: 9am (Monday)

Eastern Australia: 11am (Monday)

India: 6.30am (Monday)

You will be able to watch the event here (Vous pourrez regarder l’événement ici):


But before watching the VMA’s, Josh Horowitz from MTV will interview Zoey Deutch on ALL ACCESS:

Mais avant de regarder les VMA’s, Josh Horowitz de MTV va interviewer Zoey Deutch dans l’émission ALL ACCESS:

You can send in your questions on twitter at @MTVnews with the hashtag #AskVMA and your question might be answered by Zoey! All Access with Zoey will be at 7.30pm!

Vous pouvez envoyer vos questions sur twitter à @MTVnews avec le hashtag #AskVMA et Zoey pourrait répondre à votre question! All Access avec Zoey aura lieu à 19h30 (heure de New York)!

US Pacific Time: 4.30pm

UK Time: 12.30pm

Europe: 1.30am

Brazil: 8.30pm


Western Australia: 7.30am (Monday)

Eastern Australia: 9.30am (Monday)

India: 5am (Monday)

We will cover the event and pictures will definitely come up! So stay tuned!

Nous couvrirons l’événement et des photos seront mises en ligne!


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One thought on “Zoey Deutch and Sarah Hyland at the VMA’s

  1. […] yesterday she would attend the Video Music Awards tomorrow evening (you can check your time HERE) in New York, with Sarah Hyland. Is there some promotion going […]

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